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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


Odhilum un pEr anRi maRROdhAL
   urugum nin thiruvuru ninaindhu
kAdhanmai peridhu kaiyaRavu udaiyaL
   kayal nedungaN thuyil maRandhAL
pEdhaiyEn pEdhai piLLaimai peridhu
   theLLiyaL vaLLi nuNmarungul
Edhalar munnA en ninaindhirundhAy?
   idavendhai endhai pirAnE!

Word-by-Word meanings

idavendhai endhai pirAnE! – Oh my lord in thiruvidavendhai!
Odhilum – While speaking
un pEr anRi – other than your name
maRRu – anyone else’s name
OdhAL – will not say;
nin – your
thiruvuru – physical beauty
ninaindhu – thinking about
urugum – she is melting;
kAdhanmai – desire (in your matter)
peridhu – is growing more and more; (due to that)
kaiyaRavu udaiyaL – she is anguishing like the one who has lost her belonging;
kayal – kayal (carp) fish like
nedu – very wide
kaN – in the eyes
thuyil – having sleep
maRandhAL – forgotten;
pEdhaiyEn pEdhai – my very desirous daughter’s
piLLaimai – childishness
peridhu – is big; (on your matter)
theLLiyaL – she is having great clarity;
vaLLi – like a creeper
nuN – slender
marungul – she who is having waist
Edhalar munnA – in front of those who don’t like
en ninanidhirundhAy – What are you thinking to do?

Simple translation

Oh my lord in thiruvidavendhai! My daughter parakAla nAyaki, while speaking, will not say any other name than your name; she is melting thinking about your physical beauty; her desire is growing more and more in your matter; she is anguishing like the one who has lost her belonging; her kayal fish like very wide eyes have forgotten to sleep; my very desirous daughter’s childishness is big; she is having great clarity in your matter; in front of those who don’t like, what are you thinking to do for her who is having creeper like slender waist?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

Odhilum … – To start with, she will not speak; but if she does,

un pEr anRi maRRu OdhAL – She is not saying “aiyar, Achchi” (Father, mother),

urugum nin thiru uru ninaindhu – As she thinks about emperumAn through his name, she will melt like ice.

kAdhanmai peridhu – Her desire is greater than his physical beauty.

kaiyaRavu udaiyaL – Her loss is greater than her desire.

When asked “What is the limit of her loss?”

kayal … – Eye which resembles a kayal (carp) fish, youthful and vast. Just as huge towns become empty, the sleep has exited fully from the vast eye.

pEdhaiyEn pEdhai – My foolish daughter. I who am having foolishness to pray to get a daughter like her. As said in thiruviruththam 37 “nedungAlamum kaNNan nINmalarp pAdham” (Praying for a long time to get krishNa’s long flower like divine feet).

piLLaimai peridhu – Her childishness is greater than her youthfulness. In worldly matters, she is not knowledgeable as those who are at her age.

theLLiyaL – But in your matters she is greater than those who have heard vEdhAntham.

vaLLi nuN marungul – Her physical beauty is such that one cannot abandon her due to her childish nature. Her childishness and wisdom are of no use; her beauty is sufficient for you to not abandon her.

Edhalar munnA – In front of the enemies who scold her saying “You desired for him; now you have nicely attained him!”.

en ninaindhirundhAy – What are you, who thinks “I should not let her suffer in front of the enemies”, thinking in her matter? sthOthra rathnam 25 “nathE’nurUpa:” (It is not apt for you). It is alright for SrIvaikuNtanAthan to abandon her. But you, who are in thiruvidavendhai (who have arrived for this purpose), cannot do it.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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