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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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thingaL appu vAn eri kAlAgi thisai muganAr
thangaL appan sAmiyappan pAgaththirundhu vaNduN
thongalappu neeNmudiyAn sUzhkazhal sUdaNinRa
engaL appan emperumAn evvuL kidandhAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

thingaL – moon
appu – water
vAn – ether
eri – fire
kAl – air, these four elements
Agi – having as body (being the SarIri)
thisai muganAr thangaL – for four-headed brahmA
appan – being the father
sAmi – one who is revealed in sAma vEdham
appan – being the cause
vaNdu – beetles
uN – drinking honey
thongal – konRai garland
appu – gangA water
nIL – lengthy
mudi – having in his matted hair
bAgaththu – in one side of emperumAn’s divine form
irundhAn – rudhra who is present
sUzh – spreading everywhere in earth
kazhal – divine feet
sUda – to decorate (the head)
ninRa – one who stood
engaL appan – being our father
emperumAn – one who is our lord
evvuL kidandhAnE – reclined in thiruvevvuL

Simple translation

Having the moon and four elements water, ether, fire and air as body, being the father for the four-headed brahmA, being the one who is revealed in sAma vEdham, being the cause; being the one whose divine feet which were spread everywhere in earth, stood to decorate the head of rudhra who is wearing konRai garland where beetles are drinking honey from, and who is having lengthy matted hair where gangA water is present, and who is present in one side of emperumAn’s divine form; being our father and our lord, he reclined in thiruvevvuL.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thingaL … – Identifying the moon as a sample for effectual entities and the four elements as samples for panchabhUthams (the five great elements) which are causal, saying that emperumAn is standing as antharyAmi for all of these. And, he is the father for four-headed brahmA as well.

sAmi appan – The causal lord, who is revealed in sAma vEdham.

bAgaththu … – bhagavAn stood there to have rudhra who is with the matted hair which is having both konRai garland where beetles are drinking honey from and gangA water, and is present in a small portion of the divine form of bhagavAn, to hold his expanded divine feet on the head.

engaL … – One who is our father and lord.

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