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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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munivan mUrththi mUvarAgi vEdham viriththuraiththa
punidhan pUvai vaNNan aNNal puNNiyan viNNavar kOn
thaniyan sEyan thAn oruvan Agilum than adiyArkku
iniyan endhai emperumAn evvuL kidandhAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

munivan – one who vowed to create
mUrththi mUvar Agi – being brahmA, vishNu and rudhra
vEdham – meanings of vEdham
viriththu – to make everyone know
uraiththa – one who mercifully explained in SrI gIthA
punidhan – having purity
pUvai – like kAyAm pU (dark coloured flower)
vaNNan – having divine complexion
aNNal – being lord
puNNiyan – being greatly magnanimous
viNNavar – for nithyasUris
kOn – being the leader
thaniyan – being matchless
sEyan – being difficult to be known even by yOgis
thAn oruvan Agilum – though he remains distinguished (in this manner)
than adiyArkku – for those who are surrendered unto him
iniyan – being good
endhai – being my father
emperumAn – being my lord
evvuL kidandhAnE – reclined in thiruvevvuL

Simple translation

Being the one who vowed to create, being brahmA, vishNu and rudhra, one who mercifully explained in SrI gIthA to make everyone know the meanings of vEdham, having purity, having kAyAm pU like divine complexion, being the lord, being greatly magnanimous, being the leader for nithyasUris, being matchless, though he remains distinguished, being difficult to be known even by yOgis, he remains good for those who are surrendered unto him; being my father and lord, he reclined in thiruvevvuL.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

munivan … – When all the AthmAs (sentient entities) in samsAra were devoid of body and senses, and were having no option for enjoyment or liberation, and had lost the effectual state, emperumAn vowed in his divine heart as in chAndhOgya upanishath “bahusyAm” (let me become many). Further, he remained as antharAthmA (in-dwelling soul) as brahmA and rudhra, and also remained in his own self as vishNu, and engaged in creation etc. One who revealed the meanings of vEdham explicitly. That is – he mercifully explained SrI gIthA which is vEdha upabruhmaNam (explanation for vEdhams).

punidhan – As said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 5.29suhrudham sarva bhUthAnAm” (friend for all), the purity which is acquired by being unselfish and looking for the well-being of others only, is explained.

pUvai vaNNan – His divine, beautiful form is such that one cannot give him up even if he leaves aside the good advice and gives bad advice.

aNNal – Lord

puNNiyan – Greatly magnanimous.

viNNavarkOn – The lord of nithyasUris who are free from ignorance.

thaniyan – One who is distinguished from nithyasUris too.

sEyan … – One who is much greater than them. Though he is matchless in this manner, he is good to those who surrender unto him. My father and lord.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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