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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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eN dhisaigaLum Ezhulagamum vAngip ponvayiRRil peydhu
paNdu Or Alilaip paLLi koNdavan pAnmadhikkidar thIrththavan
oNthiRal avuNan uraththugir vaiththavan oLLeyiRRodu
thiN thiRal ariAyavan thiruvEngadam adai nenjamE!

Word-by-Word meanings

eN dhisaigaLum – eight directions
Ezhu ulagamum – seven worlds
paNdu – during mahApraLayam (great deluge)
vAngi – consumed
pon – praiseworthy
vayiRRil – in (his) divine stomach
peydhu – placed
Or Al ilai – on a banyan leaf
paLLi koNdavan – being the one who was mercifully resting
pAl – (shining) like milk
madhikku – occurred for the moon
idar – decay
thIrththavan – one who eliminated
oN thiRal – very strong
avuNan – hiraNya, the demon, his
uraththu – in the chest
ugir vaiththavan – being the one who placed the divine nail and tore
oL – radiant
eyiRRodu – with teeth
thiN – firm
thiRal – having strength
ariyAy avan – eternal abode of the one who appeared in the form of narasimha
thiruvEngadam – thirumalA
adai nenjamE – Oh mind! Reach there.

Simple translation

sarvESvaran is the one who consumed eight directions and seven worlds during mahApraLayam and placed them in his praiseworthy stomach and was mercifully resting on a banyan leaf; he eliminated the decay occurred for the milk like moon; having appeared in the form of narasimha who is having radiant teeth and firm strength, he placed the divine nail and tore the chest of hiraNya, the very strong demon; Oh mind! Reach thiruvEngadam which is the abode of such sarvESvaran.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

eN dhisaigaLum … – Previously, taking the seven worlds which are having eight directions, and placing them in his praiseworthy stomach, mercifully resting on a freshly sprouted banyan leaf; one who is having such agadithagatanA sAmarthyam (ability to unite those aspects which are not possible to be united).

pAl madhikku idar thIrththavan – pAl madhi – chandhran – moon; when he got into a trouble which was about to destroy his existence, emperumAn was the one who saved him from getting destroyed.

oN thiRal … – One who placed his divine nail on the chest of hiraNya, who had great strength; one who became narasimha with beautiful divine teeth and firm strength.

The one who helped prahlAdha who recited thirumanthram (ashtAksharam), has arrived in thirumalA to eliminate the existence in samsAra of those who recite his divine names. Oh mind! Try to reach such thirumalA.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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