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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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evvam vevvEl pon peyarOn Edhalan innuyirai
vavvi Agam vaLLugirAl vagirndha ammAnadhidam
kavvu nAyum kazhugum uchchip pOdhodu kAl suzhanRu
dheyvam allAl sella oNNAch chingavEL kunRamE

Word-by-Word meanings

evvam – causing sorrow
vem – cruel
vEl – having spear
Edhalan – enemy
pon peyarOn – hiraNya’s
in uyirai – good life
vavvi – snatched
Agam – (his) body
vaL ugirAl vagirndha ammAnadhidam – the abode of the lord who tore with his strong divine nail
kavvum – biting (those who are seen)
nAyum – dogs
kazhugum – (similar) eagles
uchhip pOdhodu – with sun
kAl suzhanRu – to have the feet hobble
dheyvam allAl – except for the devotees who worship him with love
sella oNNA – not possible to go and reach
singavEL kunRam – singavEL kunRam

Simple translation

hiraNya, the enemy, is having cruel spear which causes sorrow; the abode of the lord who tore such hiraNya’s body with his strong divine nail and snatched his good life, is singavEL kunRam where the dogs and eagles are biting, the sun will make the feet hobble, and which is not possible to reach except for the devotees who worship him with love.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • evvam vevvEl pon peyarOn – Just on seeing his form where he holds the spear in his hand, one will feel the pain of such spear piercing through the body. One who has the cruel spear which causes sorrow; his name – hiraNya. evvam – sorrow. Edhalan – enemy. When he became an enemy to the child prahlAdha, he automatically becomes an enemy to emperumAn as well. krishNa said “We cannot consume food in enemy’s home”. When dhuryOdhana became inimical towards pANdavas, he became an enemy to krishNa too. His dear life. vavvi – snatching. As said in SrIvishNu purANam 1.19.24 “papau janArdhana: krudhdha:” (janArdhana who was angry, swallowed).
  • kavvu nAyum – The dog which bites anyone it sees, and the eagles which are similar.
  • uchchip pOdhodu kAl suzhanRu – Even the sun will hobble in that abode. Alternative explanation. uchchip pOdhu – sun; along with the sun, the dog and eagle which bite, will all hobble. Another explanation – in the noon time when the sun is at the top, kAl – wind, wind will come twirling. Here, the heat of the land is explained. AzhwAr who desires to go to and reach that abode is saying “none other than devotees can reach” because there is no one who can see the beauty of narasimha and cast an evil eye on him. AzhwArs are of the nature of singing pallANdu as said in thiruppallANdu 6andhiyam pOdhil ari uruvAgi ariyai azhiththavanaip pandhanai thIrap pallANdu” (I seek long life for emperumAn who assumed the form of narasimha at sunset and destroyed the enemy, to eliminate his fatigue). The abode cannot be reached by non-devotees. Those who are similar to hiraNya cannot reach there.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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