periya thirumozhi – 1.7.5 – menRa pEzhvAy

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


menRa pEzh vAy vAL eyiRROr kOLariyAy avuNan
ponRa Agam vaLLugirAl pOzhndha punidhanidam
ninRa sendhI moNdu sURai nIL visumbu Udiriya
senRu kANdaRkariya kOyil singavEL kunRamE

Word-by-Word meanings

menRa – (due to anger) chewing
pEzh vAy – huge mouth
vAL – sword like
eyiRu – teeth
kOL – strong
Or ariyAy – as matchless narasimha
ponRa – became destroyed (just on seeing that form)
avuNan – hiraNya, the demon, his
Agam – body
vaL ugirAl – with sharp, divine nail
pOzhndha – split into two parts
punidhan – sarvESvaran who has pure mind, where he is residing
idam – abode
ninRa – without any shortcoming
sem thI – reddish fire
sURai – tornado
moNdu – scooping it
nIL visumbu Udu – in the vast sky
iriya – since it is moving in a scattered manner
senRu – going to its vicinity
kANdaRku – to see
ariya – difficult for everyone
kOyil – divine abode
singavEL kunRamE – singavEL kunRam

Simple translation

Chewing his huge mouth with sword like teeth, as a strong, matchless narasimha, to destroy hiraNya, the demon, sarvESvaran who has pure mind, split his [hiraNya’s] body into two parts with sharp, divine nail; the divine abode where such sarvESvaran is residing is singavEL kunRam which is difficult for everyone to go and see, as the tornado scoops the reddish fire without any shortcoming, in the vast sky and is moving there in a scattered manner.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • menRa … – Being the strong, matchless narasimha whose huge mouth is puckered due to anger, having sword like teeth.
  • avuNan ponRa – hiraNya became dead at the sight of narasimha.
  • Agam … – Since emperumAn’s anger did not subdue still, he tore the dead body of hiraNya.
  • punidhanidam – The purity of emperumAn who killed hiraNya considering hiraNya to be his own enemy instead of killing him considering to be enemy of others [his devotees], is thought about here.
  • ninRa … – Fire will be present without any shortcoming, scooping it, the tornado will spread it in the vast sky. iriya – spread, making tumultuous noise. If recited as eriya, to make the sky as a stove and have the fire blazing there.
  • senRu – Due to this situation, it is impossible for anyone to reach there. AzhwAr is becoming joyful thinking that just as paramapadham, we need not fear for this abode as well [i.e. very safe for emperumAn]

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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