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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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eyththa sollOdu eeLaiyEngi irumiyiLaiththu udalam
piththar pOlach chiththam vERAyp pEsi ayarAmun
aththan endhai AdhimUrththi Azhkadalaik kadaindha
maiththa sOdhi emperumAn vadhari vaNangudhumE

Word-by-Word meanings

eyththa – weak
sollOdu – with speech
ILai – due to mucus
Engi – becoming weak
irumi – suffering from cough
udalam – body
iLaiththu – becoming thin
piththarpOla – like mad men
siththam vERAyp pEsi – thinking one thing and speaking something else
ayarA mun – before breaking down
aththan – being lord
endhai – being my father
AdhimUrththi – being the cause of the universe
Azh – deep
kadalai – ocean
kadaindha – one who churned
maiththa – dark
sOdhi – having radiance
emperumAn – sarvESvaran who accepted me as a servitor, his
vadhari – SrI badhari
vaNangudhum – let us worship

Simple translation

Let us worship SrI badhari of sarvESvaran who is the lord, my father, the cause of the universe, who churned the deep ocean, who is the darkly radiant sarvESvaran who accepted me as a servitor; let us do this before acquiring weak speech, body becoming weak due to mucus and suffering from cough, body becoming thin and breaking down and before reaching the state of thinking one thing and speaking something else, like mad men.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • eyththa sollOdu – Instead of becoming weak after speaking for a while, it will be weak while starting to speak; subsequently it will end with becoming weaker.
  • Engi – Subsequently, more fatigue will occur.
  • irumi iLaiththu udalam – That will be the precursor for the cough. After coughing, the body will weaken greatly.
  • piththar pOlach chiththam vERAyp pEsi – Thoughts will mismatch the words spoken. Just as a mad man, he will think one thing and say something else.
  • chiththam vERAyp pEsi ayarAmun – One will end up with great fatigue, to be unable to even speak in the aforementioned manner; before becoming unconscious in this manner,
  • aththan … – sarvESvaran who is the apt lord, who desires my well being and who is the creator of the universe.
  • Azh kadalaik kadaindha – One who performs most difficult tasks and fulfils the desires.
  • maiththa sOdhi – One who has great physical beauty which will not let us give up on him, even if he does not fulfil our desire; instead of becoming pale or red, he always remains cool for our eyes with cool radiance.
  • emperumAn … – Let us worship SrI badhari of such emperumAn who showed his beauty and made me his servitor.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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