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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


paNdu kAmarAnavARum pAvaiyar vAyamudham
uNdavArum vAzhndhavARum okkavuraiththirumi
thaNdu kAlA UnRivUnRith thaLLi nadavAmun
vaNdu pAdum thaNduzhAyAn vadhari vaNangudhumE

Word-by-Word meanings

paNdu – During adulthood
kAmarAna ARum – the way girls had a liking for him
pAvaiyar – those girls’
vAy  – in their mouth
amudham – nectar
uNda ARum – how he drank
vAzhndha ARum – how he enjoyed petty pleasures (and destroyed the self)
okka – in a singular manner
uraiththu – spoke (and due to that fatigue)
irumi – coughed (in between)
thaNdu – stick
kAlA – having as foot
UnRi UnRi – (due to weakness, in the same place) pressing it repeatedly
thaLLi – becoming weak
nadavAmun – before having to walk
vaNdu pAdum – beetles humming
thaN – cool
thuzhAyAn – sarvESvaran, who is adorning thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) garland, his
vadhari – SrI badhari
vaNangudhum – let us worship

Simple translation

In a singular manner, he would speak about the way girls had a liking for him during adulthood, the way he drank the nectar from the mouth of those girls and how he enjoyed petty pleasures; in between he would cough due to fatigue, having the stick as foot, would press it repeatedly, and become weak; let us worship SrI badhari of sarvESvaran, who is adorning cool thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) garland and where the beetles are humming, before reaching such situation.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • paNdu kAmar – While having the qualification (i.e. youth), he would engage in forbidden activities only, without thinking about next step; subsequently, if he seeks to surrender to bhagavAn, that will lead to the well-being of the self as said in thiruvAimozhi 1.3.8vaNakkodu mALvadhu valam” (Even if we are able to surrender at the last moments of our life, it will be strong enough); but he will speak about his past experiences for the rest of his life and die.
  • paNdu … – He will speak about how he was liked by the girls and how he drank the nectar from their mouth. Alternative explanation – He will speak about how he remained greatly attractive for them.
  • vAzhndha ARum – Now he thinks about the same as destruction for the self as said in thiruvAimozhi 6-9-8innam keduppAyO” (Are you planning to torment me even now?)
  • okka uraiththu irumi – He will start speaking about those aspects; immediately he will start coughing; further, due to desire in speaking about it, he will continue speaking from where he left; thus, he will cough and speak repeatedly.
  • thaNdu kAlA – Whatever one does with the leg, he does with the stick.
  • UnRi UnRi – piLLai azhagiya maNavALa araiyar explains as mercifully explained by parASara bhattar for this – “He will be unable to firmly press the stick to steady his body, due to lack of strength in the hand, he will repeatedly press the stick”
  • thaLLi … – Before walking in this weakened/stumbled manner.
  • vaNdu … – The abode where there is continuous experience instead of having to say “there was nice experience back then, now there is only suffering”. One need not enjoy for some time and just speak about it subsequently [without any further enjoyment].

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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