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kOyil thiruvAymozhi

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srinivasan -ahzwar

While performing surrender, one should highlight emperumAn’s divine auspicious qualities, one’s own lack of any other refuge and lack of engagement in other upAyams, and should surrender at the divine feet of emperumAn with the purushakAram (recommendation) of pirAtti. Such perfect surrender is beautifully performed by AzhwAr in this decad towards thiruvEngadamudaiyAn.

First pAsuram. AzhwAr says “You who are having the qualities to protect all the world and are present in thirumalA, should mercifully show the way to attain you, to me who is having natural servitude towards you”.

ulagam uNda peru vAyA ulappil kIrththi ammAnE!
nilavum sudar sUzhoLi mUrththi nediyAy adiyEn AruyirE!
thiladham ulkagukkAy ninRa thiruvEngdaththu emperumAnE!
kula thol adiyEn una pAdham kUdumARu kURAyE

Oh emperumAn who is having divine lips/mouth which is the tool to protect the world with great eagerness [during deluge] by consuming it! Oh the one with endless glory and natural lordship! Oh one who is having divine form filled with divine splendour, revealing the complete radiance of natural beauty etc and having unbounded glory! Oh one who is being my perfectly complete vital air (life)! Oh one who stood revealing your lordship to me on thirumalA like a thilak which is applied on the forehead in the form of UrdhvapuNdram [vertical identification mark] for the whole world! For me, the servitor who is coming in an ancient lineage, mercifully tell the means to attaining your divine feet!

Second pAsuram. AzhwAr says “If there are any hurdles, you should yourself eliminate them and accept me at your divine feet”.

kURAy nIRAy nilanAgik kodu val asurar kulam ellAm
sIRA eriyum thirunEmi valavA! dheyvak kOmAnE! 
sERAr sunaith thAmarai sendhI malarum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
ARA anbil adiyEn un adi sEr vaNNam aruLAyE

Oh omnipotent emperumAn who can control the shining chakra which cuts the cruel, very strong demons into pieces, to turn them into dust, and which shows its anger even after flattening them and which is having the wealth of valour! Oh lord of nithyasUris! Oh one who is residing in thirumalA which is having muddy ponds with reddish lotus flowers which have the complexion of reddish fire and which are blossoming! Kindly bless me who is a servitor, having ever endless love for you, to reach your divine feet.

Third pAsuram. emperumAn says “While you have not put in any effort, how can I do whatever you ask for?” AzhwAr replies “While you already have many distinguished personalities who enjoy you, you pursued me; similarly, purely out of your mercy, you should fulfil my desires”.

vaNNam aruL koL aNi mEga vaNNA! mAyavammAnE!
eNNam pugundhu thiththikkum amudhE! imaiyOr adhipadhiyE!
theNNal aruvi maNi pon muththalaikkum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
aNNalE! un adi sEra adiyERku AvAvennAyE

emperumAn who is greater than all, is having cloud like form with amazing qualities and a complexion which causes madness; he has entered the heart and is sweet nectar; he is letting nithyasUris enjoy [such form]; he is having supremacy and is present in thirumalA which has clear, attractive waterfalls which toss around gemstones, gold and pearls; Oh one who effortlessly manifests your lordship in such thirumalA! Taking pity on us, you should manifest your mercy for us to reach your divine feet which are apt for us!

Fourth pAsuram. AzhwAr says “I don’t have any means in me which will lead to you; hence you should find out a means and mercifully bestow that to me”. Also explained as AzhwAr saying “You who eliminate everyone’s hurdles and protect them without any restriction, should mercifully ensure that I reach your divine feet”.

AvA! ennAdhu ulagaththai alaikkum asurar vANAL mEl
thIvAy vALi mazhai pozhindha silaiyA! thirumA magaL kELvA
dhEvA! surargaL munik kaNangaL virumbum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
pUvAr kazhalgaL aruvinaiyEn porundhumARu puNarAyE

Oh emperumAn who is having SrI SArnga bow which is shooting fire-faced arrows like rain targeting the lives of demons who torment the world instead of showing mercy, taking pity on it! Oh one who is the aptly beautiful consort for lakshmi who is being the valorous consort and who is pleased after his eliminating such enemies, and is shining due to that! Oh one who resides in thirumalA to be desired by groups of dhEvas and rishis! I am having unconquerable sins which stop me from reaching your divine feet filled with flowers; mercifully teach me the means to reach them.

Fifth pAsuram. AzhwAr says “When will I reach your divine feet which carry out effortless functions for the protection of the devotees?”

puNarA ninRa maram Ezh anReydha oru vil valavAvO!
puNarEy ninRa maram iraNdin naduvE pOna mudhalvAvO!
thiNarAr mEgam enak kaLiRu sErum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
thiNarAr sArngaththuna pAdham sErvadhu adiyEn ennALE?

emperumAn being the unique archer, shot the seven marAmarams on that day; being the primary cause for the universe, he crawled between the two trees which were standing together, fitting well; Oh one who is present in thirumalA where the elephants, which are said to be like dense clouds, reside together! When will I, a servitor, reach the divine feet of you who are having the great SrI sArnga bow!?

Sixth pAsuram. emperumAn asks “Isn’t performing kainkaryam to me in SrIvaikuNtam the goal for all?” and AzhwAr responds “Aren’t those from SrIvaikuNtam descending to thirumalA with great desire and serving you? When will I get to serve you in thirumalA completely?” Also explained as AzhwAr asking “When will I truly attain your divine feet which are attractive to be served even by dhEvas who are not exclusively devoted to you?”

en nALE nAm maN aLandha iNaith thAmaraigaL kANbadhaRkenRu
en nALum ninRu imaiyOrgaL Eththi iRainji inam inamAy
mey nA manaththAl vazhipAdu seyyum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
mey nAn eydhi en nAL un adikkaN adiyEn mEvuvadhE?

Groups of nithyasUris are always standing and praising emperumAn saying “When will we get to see both of your divine feet which measured all worlds indicated by earth and mingled with everyone,  and are having overwhelming simplicity?” Oh one who is present in thirumalA to be worshipped in this manner and to be served by them! When will I, being an exclusive servitor, attain your divine feet like seeing [clearly] in a dream, and fit there properly.

Seventh pAsuram. AzhwAr says “While I have not pursued any means to attain you, I cannot sustain even for a moment without experiencing your enjoyability”.

adiyEn mEvi amarginRa amudhE! imaiyOr adhipadhiyE!
kodiyA adu puL udaiyAnE! kOlak kani vAyp perumAnE!
sediyAr vinaigaL thIr marundhE! thiruvEngadaththu emperumAnE!
nodiyAr pozhudhum una pAdham kANa nOlAdhARREnE.

emperumAn is eternally enjoyable for me to approach and experience him; he is having the supremacy to control the nithyasUris; he is having garudAzhwAn who eliminates the enemies of devotees, as his flag; he is having beautiful lips which are like reddish ripened fruit with beauty etc which increase such enjoyability and is having greatness of such unlimited enjoyability; oh one who is residing on thirumalA, being the best medicine to eliminate the dense bush like sins of mine, and who accepted me as your servitor! While I have not put in any effort to see your divine feet, I cannot bear even a fraction of a moment [without seeing them].

Eighth pAsuram. emperumAn asks “When you have not put in any effort and say ‘I cannot bear’, would you get the result?” and AzhwAr responds “Didn’t brahmA et al who are with limited ability, get their desires fulfilled by citing their Akinchanyam (lack of anything in them)? So, kindly come and eliminate my sorrow”.

nOlAdhARREn una pAdham kANavenRu nuNNuNarvin
neelAr kaNdaththammAnum niRai nAnmuganum indhiranum
sElEy kaNNAr palar sUzha virumbum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
mAlAy mayakki adiyEnpAl vandhAy pOlE vArAyE

rudhra who is omniscient, being able to see subtle things and hence became the important one in the universe and is having throat that is fully having black colour, four-headed brahmA who is the father of such rudhra, and having complete knowledge to create etc and indhra who has the wealth of three worlds say [to emperumAn] “Even without pursuing any means to see your divine feet, I am unable to bear”.  Oh one who is residing in thirumalA and who is offered such prayers and surrendered to, with desire by such dhEvas along with their women folk such as umA (pArvathi), sarasvathI, Sachi et al who have fish like eyes, in their proximity! Just as you came [as krishNa] with dark complexion, mesmerising everyone with the qualities and activities, you should come towards me who is exclusively devoted to you and cannot sustain without you!

Ninth pAsuram. AzhwAr says “I will never leave your divine feet which are having most enjoyable beauty”.

vandhAy pOlE vArAdhAy vArAdhAy pOl varuvAnE
sendhAmaraik kaN sengani vAy nARROLamudhE enadhuyirE
sindhAmaNigaL pagarallaip pagal sey thiruvEngadaththAnE
andhO adiyEn una pAdham agalagillEn iRaiyumE

You are unreachable while appearing to have arrived and being within reach; due to Akinchanyam (lack of anything) in self, while thinking “there is no possibility of his arrival”, you will arrive and be fully subservient. You are manifesting to me your beautiful form with reddish, attractive, lotus-like divine eyes, divine lips which are enjoyable like reddish fruit and which say “mAmEkam SaraNam vraja“, four divine shoulders which embrace devotees saying “sugAdam parishasvajE” and are eternally enjoyable for the devotees, and have become my sustaining force. Oh one who is residing on thirumalA where the radiance of valuable, wish fulfilling gemstones make night to be like day! Alas! I, who am totally subservient to you, without any other refuge, am unable to leave your divine feet even for a moment. andhO implies AzhwAr wondering “Even after having so much sorrow in separation, I have to even manifest my desire separately!”

Tenth pAsuram. AzhwAr properly surrenders to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn saying “Without any other refuge, I am surrendering unto your divine feet which has purushakAram [of pirAtti] and the apt qualities”.

agalagillEn iRaiyum enRu alar mEl mangai uRai mArbA!
nigaril pugazhAy! ulagam mUnRudaiyAy! ennai ALvAnE!
nigaril amarar munik kaNangaL virumbum thiruvEngadaththAnE!
pugal onRillA adiyEn un adik kIzh amarndhu pugundhEnE.

Oh emperumAn who is having the greatly enjoyable, divine chest (due to the eternal presence of lakshmi) which is occupied by lakshmi who is very dear to you due to her adolescent age and who is having softness, enjoyability etc due to being born in the flower and who is saying “I am not ready to separate even for a moment”!  Oh one who is having matchless, great vAthsalyam, having svAmithvam of owning the three types of chEthanas and achEthana which are well known from pramANams, having sauSeelyam which makes you acknowledge/accept me too who has many faults and one who is present in thirumalA with perfect saulabhyam of residing with great desire to be worshipped by matchless amaras who are focussed on service and sages who meditate! I who am an ananyaSaraNan who has no other refuge such as upAyAntharam and other saviours, have surrendered unto your divine feet and have become seated beneath them, with exclusive focus on kainkaryam and no other expectation.

Eleventh pAsuram. AzhwAr says “All those who learn this decad will reach paramapadham, be crowned for servitude and will get to engage in service”.

adik kIzh amarndhu pugundhu adiyIr! vAzhmin enRenRaruL kodukkum
padikkEzh illAp perumAnaip pazhanak kurugUrch chatakOpan
mudippAn sonna Ayiraththuth thiruvEngadaththukkivai paththum
pidiththAr pidiththAr vIRRirundhu periya vAnuL nilAvuvarE

emperumAn, who is greater than all, is bestowing his mercy in a matchless manner saying “Oh servitors! Enter under my divine feet and eternally enjoy being ananya sAdhanar and ananya prayOjanar”; nammAzhwAr, the leader of AzhwArthirunagari which is having invigorating water bodies, mercifully spoke about such emperumAn to fulfil all his desires in these ten pAsurams among the thousand pAsurams; those who hold on to these pAsurams and their meanings, will be present in the infinitely great paramapadham which is indicated by the term “parmavyOma”, in a distinguished manner and live there with eternal enjoyment.


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