upadhEsa raththina mAlai – 4

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pAsuram 4

poigaiyAr bhUthaththAr pEyAr pugazh mazhisai
ayyan aruL mAran sEralarkOn – thuyya patta
nAthan anbar thAL thULi naRpANan naRkaliyan
eedhivar thORRaththu adaivAm ingu                         4

pAsuram 4

Word by word meaning

poigaiyAr – poigai AzhvAr
pugazh – famous
mazhisai ayyanthirumazhisai AzhvAr
aruL – having mercy/kindness
thuyya – pure
anbar thAL thULithoNdaradippodi AzhvAr
nan – having the goodness
nal – good
kaliyanthirumangai AzhvAr
eedhu – this thus said
adaivu Am – is the order of
ivar – their
thORRaththu – incarnations
ingu – in this world.


In the prabandham starting with ‘AzhvArgaL vAzhi [upadhEsa raththinamAlai – 3]’, what he listed, he wished to show about them one by one, and as he had mentioned the AzhvArs first, here he is showing the order in which they incarnated, starting the pAsuram with – ‘poigaiyAr’.

That is, as he was born in the lotus flower in the pond, that is being his identity (poigai – pond), and as said in ‘varuththum puRa iruL mARRa [rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi – 8] (~(incarnated) to remove the troubles of darkness in mind from things seen), that is our poigai Azhvar;

PoigaiAzhvAr_thirukkachchipoigai AzhvAr as divining in his avathAra sthalam

As said in ‘mAdhavan bhUtham [thiruvAimozhi 5.2.2]’, he having the glory, who lighted ‘gyAnach chudar viLakku [iraNdAm thiruvanthAdhi – 1]’ (lighting of lamp that is true knowledge); that is, bhUthaththAzhvar;


Is interested only in enjoying emperumAn, not paying attention to the ways of the material world, (and so) saying like in ‘yAnum Or pEyan [perumAL thirumozhi 3.8]’, which name is his identity, and who is ‘kOvaluL mAmalarAL thannodu mAyanaik kaNdamai kAttum thamizhth thalaivan [rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi -10]that is he who showed him having the vision of pirAtti and emperumAn (in idai kazhi thirukkOvalUr); that is, pEyAr (pEyAzhvAr);

mayilai_peyazhvar_at_thiruvallikkeni (Large)mayilai pEyazhvAr, during a visit to thiruvallikkENi

pugazh mazhisai ayyan – As said in ‘idam koNda kIrththi mazhisaikku iRaivan [rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi – 11] ’ the head of thirumazhisai which is also known as mahIsAra kshEthram, that is thirumazhisaip pirAn.

thirumazhisai_azhvar_at_thirumazhisai_editedthirumazhisaip pirAn at thirumazhisai

aruL mARan – As said in ‘pAdinAn aruL kaNdIr ivvulaginil mikkadhE [kaNNinuNchiruththAmbu – 8], he is very kind, that is being his identity, that is nammAzhvAr.

Azhvar_AzhvarThirunagari_VaikasiUthsavam_IMG_6413-EditednammAzhvAr at AzhvAr thirunagari

sEralarkOn – As said in ‘chEran kulasEkaran [perumAL thirumozhi thaniyan]’, he is the head of the clan of chEra kings, and he liked to be born as bird and plants (to be in emperumAn‘s abode in thirumalai), that is kulasEkarap perumAL;

kulasekarazhvar_thiruvanjikkalam_2012_DSC01809kulasEkarapperumAL at thiruvanjikkaLam

thuyya patta nAthan – Having the purity of doing mangaLAsAsanam (pallANdu) to emperumAn, and assuming the state of cowherd, and as said in ‘vEdhAntha vizhup poruLin mEl irundha viLakkai vittu chiththan viriththana [periyAzhvAr thirumozhi 4.3.11]’, he established greatness and so is having the identity of head of the learned, that is patta nAthan, which is periyAzhvAr;

srI_periyAzhvAr_aani_brahmothsavam_2013_arulalaperumal.tripod.comperiyAzhvAr at srIvillipuththUr

anbar thAL thULi – {anbar -> thoNdar, thAL -> adi, thULi -> podi } As he said in ‘thuLavath thoNdAya thol seerth thoNdaradippodi [thirumAlai 45], he thought that the (first) birth of being a brAhmaNa with the haughtiness thinking that is of higher birth would cause suffering, and so preferred being the dust of the feet of the bhAgavathAs who do not have such egos, and that itself being his identity, that is srI thoNdaradippodi AzhvAr;

Mandangudi Thondaradipodi Azhwar-003thoNdaradippodi AzhvAr at thirumaNdankudi

naR pANan – As he said in ‘adiyArkku ennai Atpaduththa vimalan [amalanAdhipirAn – 1], he having the goodness of having nature of birth that is amicable to being subservient / lowness;
such head of the prabandham, that is pAN perumAL (thiruppANAzhvAr).
Here the vyAkyAnam words reflect what is said in srIvachana bhUshaNam;
Here: thadhIya dhAsyaththukku anuguNamAna janma sidhdhamAna naichchiyaththai nanmaiyAga udaiyarAi;

thiruppANAzhvAr-uraiyUr-Nov-2015-BharathwajthiruppANAzhvAr at uraiyUr

In srI vachana bhUshaNam: naichchiyam janma sidhdham; AgaiyAl uthkrushta janmamE srEshtam

naR kaliyan – As he said in ‘nin thiruvettezhuththum kaRRu nAn uRRadhum un adiyArkku adimai [periya thirumozhi – 8.10.3] (~ what I became after learning the manthra of eight words is being subservient to your devotees); and in ‘adiyavargaL tham adiyAn’ [periya thirumozhi – 2.6.10]’, involved in the pinnacle of subservience, that is, to the devotees, like thinking that being subservient to the other AzhvArs is his identity, having such goodness, and due to robbing things including conch (arugAzhi) (from emperumAn) and so is identified as ‘kaliyan’ (having such strength), that is , thirumangai AzhvAr;

kaliyan_uthsavam_thiruvali_thirunagari_thirumangai_azhvar (Large)thirumangai AzhvAr at thiruvAli thirunagari

So, this concludes about them who are having such distinguished greatness, the order in which they incarnated in this world; like saying ‘kAN perum thORRam [thiruvAimozhi 6.6.9]’, and ‘AvirbhUtham [vishNu purANam 5.3.1]’, they incarnated with distinction.

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English Translation: raghurAm srInivAsa dhAsan

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