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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pandhirukkum mel viralAL pAvai panimalarAL
vandhirukkum mArvan neela mEni maNivaNNan
andharaththil vAzhum vAnOr nAyaganAy amaindha
indhiraRkum thamperumAn evvuL kidandhAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

pandhu – ball
irukkum – present
mel – tender
viralAL – having fingers
pani – cool
malarAL – having lotus flower as her birth place
pAvai – periya pirAttiyAr who is having femininity with shyness, innocence, fear, humility
vandhu – arriving from that flower
irukkum – eternally residing
mArvan – having the divine chest
neelam – like a dark kuvaLai flower
mEni – having physical beauty
maNi – like a gem
vaNNan – having the nature of simplicity
andharaththil – in svargam (heaven)
vAzhum – living
vAnOr – for dhEvathAs
nAyaganAy – being the leader
amaindha – who is present
indhiraRkum – for indhra too
perumAn – one who is the lord
evvuL kidandhAnE – is reclining in thiruvevvuL.

Simple translation

periya pirAttiyAr who is having femininity with shyness, innocence, fear, humility, who is holding a ball with her tender fingers, having lotus flower as her birth place, is arriving at the divine chest of emperumAn from that flower, and is eternally residing there; such emperumAn, having dark kuvaLai flower like physical beauty, having the nature of simplicity like that of a gem, being the lord for indhra who is present as the leader for the dhEvathAs living in heaven, is reclining in thiruvevvuL.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pandhu irukkum … – Due to not having the sorrow of separation ever, having a ball in the hand, and being unable to tolerate even that, the tender fingers have become reddish; one who is having natural femininity; one who has the cool lotus flower as her birth place.

vandhu irukkum … – Considering such flower to be a thorn, she was unable to stand the heat there and hence came and eternally resided in the divine heart of emperumAn as said in thiruvAimozhi 6.10.10 “agalagillEn” (I will never leave). One who has a divine form which resembles a blue gem.

andharaththil … – This can be an adjective for sarvESvaran [he is the lord of all the dhEvathAs and the lord of indhra]; alternative explanation – lord for indhra who is the present as the leader of all dhEvathAs. Even indhra depends on bhagavAn for his wealth and control.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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