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kOyil thiruvAymozhi

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emperumAn mercifully arrived on his garuda vAhanam to carry AzhwAr to paramapadham. AzhwAr thought about the favours done by emperumAn from the beginning to him and thought “Though I have not done anything towards him, he has accepted me”. At that time, AzhwAr thinks “While I did not do anything all along, how did emperumAn’s merciful glance fructify upon me?” and asked the same to emperumAn. emperumAn could not give a specific answer. AzhwAr understood emperumAn’s causeless (natural) mercy and emperumAn’s merciful glance and became blissful on thinking about it.

First pAsuram. AzhwAr says “Incidentally I said thirumAlirunjOlai malai; having said that, emperumAn, who is fully without any expectation, arrived along with pirAtti and mercifully entered me”.

thirumAlirunjOlai malai enREn ennath
thirumAl vandhu en nenju niRaiyap pugundhAn
kurumA maNi undhu punal ponnith thenpAl
thirumAl senRu sErvidam thenthiruppErE

As I said thirumAlirunjOlai, emperumAn who is Sriya:pathi and very complete, arrived in my heart and fully entered it. The abode where he, who is residing in the divine abode [of paramapadham] along with her as said in “SriyAsArdham jagathpathi:“, reached and mercifully rested is the beautiful thiruppEr which is on the southern bank of river ponni, which is having water which pushes very best precious gems.

Second pAsuram. AzhwAr says “Though he was sarvESvaran previously too, due to not having united with me, he was having shortcoming, and after entering my heart without any reason, he became complete”.

pErE uRaiginRa pirAn inRu vandhu
pEREn enRu en nenju niRaiyap pugundhAn
kArEzh kadalEzh malai EzhulaguNdum
ArA vayiRRAnai adangap pidiththEnE

sarvESvaran who is eternally residing in thiruppEr came today saying “I will not leave” and entered my heart to make it very complete; even after consuming all the worlds, having seven types of clouds, seven oceans and seven anchoring mountains, he remained with unfilled stomach; I got to enjoy him who entered in me and became complete in all ways.

Third pAsuram. AzhwAr meditates upon emperumAn’s nirhEthuka samSlEsham (union without reason) and says “Such emperumAn’s divine feet are easily available for me!”

pidiththEn piRavi keduththEn piNi sArEn
madiththEn manai vAzhkkaiyuL niRpadhOr mAyaiyai
kodik gObura mAdangaL sUzh thiruppErAn
adichchErvadhu enakku eLidhAyinavARE

Seeing the easily approachable way for me for reaching the divine feet of the one who is easily approachable and is having thiruppEr which is surrounded by mansions and towers having flags, as his residence, I got to reach the same; I eliminated my connection to birth; I won’t have any sorrows; I have avoided the ignorance of remaining in samsAram.

Fourth pAsuram. AzhwAr meditates upon the nature of emperumAn who is ready to bestow thirunAdu (paramapadham) to him, wonders “How easy it is!” and says “I am joyful with a mind which has enjoyed along with my senses”.

eLidhAyinavARenRu en kaNgaL kaLippak
kaLidhAgiya sindhaiyanAyk kaLikkinREn
kiLi thAviya sOlaigaL sUzh thiruppErAn
theLidhAgiya sEN visumbu tharuvAnE

Being with the one who has the joyful heart, where my thirsty eyes are saying “the goal which is difficult to attain, has become easy!” to become joyful, I am enjoying; emperumAn who is present as being easily approachable in thiruppEr which is surrounded by dense gardens where the parrots hop around, is ready to bestow me parama vyOma which is higher and is radiant, due to its being filled with great goodness.

Fifth pAsuram. AzhwAr says “emperumAn who is in thiruppEr nagar vowed to me that he has decided to bestow me thirunAdu (paramapadham), and eliminated the hurdles which make me perplexed”.

vAnE tharuvAn enakkA ennOdu otti
UnEy kurambai idhanuL pugundhu inRu
thAnE thadumARRa vinaigaL thavirththAn
thEnEy pozhil thenthiruppEr nagarAnE

emperumAn who is residing in the beautiful city named thiruppEr which is having garden filled with beetles, vowing to bestow me paramapadham, taking oath with me, on his own arrived and entered inside my body which is a skeleton filled with abundance of flesh, and eliminated puNya and pApa which are the reason for our perplexity. thEn also indicates honey.

Sixth pAsuram. AzhwAr becomes pleased thinking “while emperumAn has many merciful abodes, just like someone who has no place to stay, he arrived with the request ‘let me stay here’ and entered  my heart without any reason”.

thiruppEr nagarAn thirumAlirunjOlaip
poruppE uRaiginRa pirAn inRu vandhu
iruppEn enRu en nenju niRaiyap pugundhAn
viruppE peRRu amudham uNdu kaLiththEnE

emperumAn, the great benefactor who is residing eternally in thiruppEr nagar and in the divine hill named thirumAlirunjOlai, arrived today vowing “let me stay here” and entered my heart to make it complete; receiving this gift, I became joyful, drinking the nectar.

Seventh pAsuram. AzhwAr mercifully explains his blessedness.

uNdu kaLiththERku umbar en kuRai? mElaith
thoNdu ugaLiththu andhi thozhum sollup peRREn
vaNdu kaLikkum pozhil sUzh thiruppErAn
kaNdu kaLippak kaNNuL ninRu agalAnE

emperumAn who is residing in thiruppEr nagar surrounded by garden having joyful beetles, who is the object of my sight to cause bliss in me by constantly seeing him, is not leaving. What worry is there for me who enjoyed him eternally about the enjoyment in going further to a special abode of paramapadham? In the end, I got to say the word “nama:” which indicates worship/surrender, after acquiring great joy by the great servitude. ugaLiththal – being in abundance.

Eighth pAsuram. AzhwAr says “emperumAn of thiruppEr nagar who is perfectly enjoyable and whose nature is beyond our mind/speech, is remaining the object of my eyes always, showing love to never leave, entered my heart; he is not stopping to favour me according to my level”.

kaNNuL ninRagalAn karuththin kaN periyan
eNNil nuN poruL Ezhisaiyin suvai thAnE
vaNNa nan maNi mAdangaL sUzh thiruppErAn
thiNNam en manaththup pugundhAn seRindhinRE

emperumAn who is residing in thiruppEr, being eternally enjoyable for my external eyes, is not leaving me; he is great in the heart; while thinking about him, he is having very subtle qualities, he is having the sweetness of saptha svaram, and is residing in thiruppEr which is surrounded by mansions made with the best gems in many colours; today, such emperumAn entered my heart without any reason to remain firmly, here.

Ninth pAsuram. AzhwAr says “I wanted to ask emperumAn, who announced himself to me today and firmly united with me, ‘why did you ignore me all along?’ “

inRennaip poruL Akkith thannai ennuL vaiththAn
anRu ennaip puRam pOgap puNarththadhu en seyvAn
kunRennath thigazh mAdangaL sUzh thiruppErAn
onRu enakkaruL seyya uNarththal uRREnE

Now, emperumAn made me to be an entity and placed himself in my heart; previously, why did he have the vow to let me stay away by being engaged in worldly pleasures? I was focussed on making emperumAn who is in thiruppEr which is surrounded by shining mansions which are like hills, mercifully explain the reason for either one of the scenarios. Implies that if the reason for one scenario is explained, other will be opposite to that. When the nirhEthuka vishayIkAram (pursuit without any reason) is questioned, even bhagavAn, the omniscient, does not have an answer.

Tenth pAsuram. emperumAn did not have any answer to AzhwAr‘s question and mercifully told him “Tell me what should be done for you”; AzhwAr says “I got to serve you with love and to enjoy your divine feet. I just need this more”; emperumAn says “Alright! Granted”. AzhwAr, being pleased, says “For those who surrender unto the emperumAn of thiruppEr nagar, there is no sorrow”.

uRREn ugandhu paNi seydhu una pAdham
peRREn IdhE innam vENdavadhu endhAy
kaRRAr maRai vANargaL vAzh thiruppErARku
aRRAr adiyAr thamakku allal nillAvE

Without any reason [effort from my side], I reached your divine feet; I attained the divine feet of yours, which are the ultimate goal, by serving through speech, out of love. Oh one who is naturally related to me! This service only is desired forever by me! The sorrows which stop the enjoyment will naturally not stay for those exclusive devotes of yours who are residing in thiruppEr where those who are learned in the meanings of vEdham, which are heard, and are experts in conducting them, are living with bhagavath anubhavam. Also said as aRRArukku adiyAr (the devotees of those who exclusively exist for emperumAn).

Eleventh pAsuram. AzhwAr says “the distinguished, radiant thirunAdu (paramapadham) will be at the disposal of those who are experts in this decad”.

nillA allal nIL vayal sUzh thiruppEr mEl
nallAr palar vAzh kurugUrch chatakOpan
sollAr thamizh AyiraththuL ivai paththum
vallAr thoNdar ALvadhu sUzh pon visumbE

nammAzhwAr, the controller of AzhwArthirunagari, where many distinguished personalities live hearing thiruvAimozhi, sang this decad on thiruppEr, the abode which does not let sorrows stay, and which is surrounded by vast fields, among the thousand thamizh pAsurams strung with words; those devotees who can practice this decad will become the leader and conduct paramapadham, which is known as paramavyOma, which is pervading everywhere, being boundless and radiant.


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