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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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mAnavEl oNkaN madavaral maNmagaL azhunga munnIrp parappil
EnamAgi anRu iru nilam idandhavanE! enakku aruL puriyE
kAna mAmullai kazhaik karumbu ERi veNmuRuval seydhu alarginRa
thEnin vAy malar murugu ugukkum thiruveLLaRai ninRAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

kAnam – present in the forest
mA – big
mullai – jasmine creeper
karumbu – sugarcane’s
kazhai – up to the top
ERi – stretched and spread
veN – whitish
muRuval – gentle smile
seydhu – like doing
alarginRa – blossoming
malar – (jasmine) flower
thEnin – beetles’
vAy – in the mouth
murugu – honey
ugukkum – flowing into
thiruveLLaRai ninRAnE – Oh one who is mercifully residing in thiruveLLaRai!
mAnam – huge
vEl – like the weapon, spear
oL – beautiful
kaN – having eyes
madavaral – having noble qualities such as patience
maN magaL – SrI bhUmip pirAtti
azhunga – as she was submerged in the ocean of deluge
anRu – at that time
munnIr – that ocean’s
parappil – in the great water
EnamAgi – being mahAvarAham
iru nilam – the vast earth
idandhavanE – Oh one who dug out from the wall of the universe!
enakku – for me who is a seeker
aruL puri – kindly grant your mercy.

Simple translation

Oh one who is mercifully residing in thiruveLLaRai where the honey is flowing into the mouth of the beetles from the jasmine flower which is blossoming as if gently smiling in a whitish manner, on the big jasmine creeper which is stretching and spreading on to the top of the sugar canes which are present in the forest! Oh one who dug out the vast earth from the wall of the universe, being mahAvarAham, at the time when SrI bhUmip pirAtti, who is having huge spear like beautiful eyes and noble qualities such as patience, was submerged in the great water of the ocean of deluge! Kindly grant your mercy to me who is a seeker.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mAna vEl … – Having beautiful eyes which resemble a spear which has a huge leaf, having noble qualities such as kshamA (patience) etc, SrI bhUmip pirAtti, became submerged through her possession (earth).

mun nIrp parappil … – Accepting a varAha form, which does not hesitate stepping into the mud and vast waters in the deluge, oh one who dug out the earth from the wall of the universe and arose!

enakku aruL puriyE – For you who protected the earth which had not even prayed to do so, is it difficult to protect me who is praying to do so?

kAna mA mullai … – The abode is having the qualities of the five different lands named neydhal (ocean side), marudham (fertile field side), kuRinji (mountain side), pAlai (desert side) and mullai (forest side). The jasmine in the forest which is located near the fertile fields which is adjacent to the town, stretching and spreading on up to the top of the sugar cane, is blossoming as if gently smiling due to the joy of climbing onto a tall place. They shed honey into the mouth of the beetles which came seeking the honey.

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