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SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr says that he does not mingle with people who run after food and clothes. He says that he is one who is involved with emperumAn.

uNdiyE udaiyE ugandhodum im
maNdalaththodum kUduvadhillai yAn
aNdavANan arangan van pEy mulai
uNdavANan than unmaththan kANminE

Word-by-Word Meanings

uNdiyE – food
udaiyE – and clothes
ugandhu Odum – desirously running after
immaNdalaththodum – with the people of this world
yAn kUduvadhu illai – I do not mingle
aNdavANan – being the lord of all those who are in this universe
van pEy mulai uNda vAyan – one who has the mouth with which he drank (life) from the bosom of pUthanA, who had a cruel heart
arangan than – in the matter of SrI ranganAthan
unmaththan kANminE – I am having mad affection.

Simple Translation

I do not mingle with the people of this world who are running after food and clothes. Instead, I am having deep affection for SrI ranganAthan, who is the lord of all the people in this universe and who, during krishNAvathAram, drank the life out of pUthanA’s bosom, with his divine mouth.


uNdiyE udaiyE ugandhodum – In order to worship and to meditate on emperumAn, the physical body should be in a sound condition. Hence, in order to sustain the body, there is nothing wrong in desiring these (food and clothes). However, since most of the people in the world spend on food and clothes, after selling off their possessions, AzhwAr calls them as uNdiyE udaiyE ugandhodum immaNdalam (people who run after food and clothes).

immaNdalaththodum kUduvadhillai yAn – The meaning for this is that he does not mingle with the people of this world. nammAzhwAr says in his thiruvAimozhi 6-7-1 “uNNum sORu parugu nIr thinnum veRRilaiyum ellAm kaNNan” – nithyavibhUthi (spiritual realm) considers emperumAn to be sustaining, nurturing and enjoyable entity. In a similar vein, the lowly leelA vibhUthi (materialistic realm) considers the worldly pursuits as everything to live for. AzhwAr calls them as immaNdalam. Instead of mingling with them, AzhwAr says that he is like nammAzhwAr, considering kaNNan (emperumAn) as everything.

In the last two lines, he says that he is involved fully with emperumAn.

aNdavANan – lord of those who are in this universe, inside leelAvibhUthi.

arangan – instead of remaining in SrI vaikuNtam, ruling over this materialistic realm, he has entered this, as a simple entity for everyone, residing in SrI rangam, close to us.

van pEy mulai uNda vAyan than unmaththan kANminE – emperumAn drank the life out of the bosom of the demon pUthanA, who had a cruel heart [to kill infant krishNa]. AzhwAr says that he has deep affection towards that emperumAn. This episode of annihilation of pUthanA manifests his nature of incarnating here and removing the hurdles of his followers.

than unmaththan kANminE – AzhwAr says that just as it is difficult to extricate those who are immersed in the pleasures of this world, it is difficult to extricate him who is madly involved with the auspicious qualities and amazing activities of emperumAn, and to unite him with those who are searching for food and clothes.

We will next take up the 5th pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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