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SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr says that his heart will get goose bumps by looking at the followers of emperumAn who get goose bumps by engaging with periya perumAL who had performed amazing activities when he incarnated as krishNa.

poysilaikkural ERRu eruththam iRuththup pOr aravam Irththa kOn
seysilaichchudar sUzhoLith thiNNa mAmadhiL thennaranganAm
meysilaikkarumEgam onRu tham nenjil ninRu thigazhappOy
mey silirppavar thammaiyE ninanidhu en manam mey silirkkumE

Word-by-Word Meanings

poy silai kural – making a deceitful and angry bellow
ERu eruththam iRUththu – one who broke the humps (of seven bulls)
pOr aravu – the snake kALiyan, who came to wage a war
Irththa kOn – one who drove away and became the head (of gOkulam)
silai sey – made of stone
sudar oLi – having radiance
thiN – having strength
mA – being tall
madhiL sUzh – surrounded by fortified walls
then aranganAm – periya perumAL who is permanently residing in SrI rangam
mey silai karumEgam onRu – a bluish cloud which has a bow on its form
tham nenjil ninRu thigazhappOy – to shine in their hearts
mey silirppavar thammaiyE – SrI vaishNavas, who get goose bumps on their physical forms
en manam ninaindhu – my heart will think about
mey silirkkum – will have goose bumps

Simple Translation

emperumAn, during his incarnation as krishNa, destroyed seven bulls, which were making a deceitful and angry bellow, by breaking their humps. He also drove away the snake, kALiyan, who came to wage a war and thus became the head of the clan of herd-people. He is now residing permanently inside SrIrangam, fortified by walls made of stone, which have a radiance and strength. SrIvaishNavas think about such emperumAn who is like a bluish cloud with a bow on its form and get goose bumps on their bodies. AzhwAr says that he will get goose bumps, by thinking about those SrI vaishNavas.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

poy silaik kural ERRam eruththam iRuththu – this verse should be split into two parts to know the meaning: poyyAna ERu and silaikkural ERu.The term poy means deceit. Since demons had entered the bulls, they had the deceit of causing harm to kaNNan (krishNa). They were bellowing with deceitful anger. The term silai refers to anger. The seven bulls were a hurdle to marrying nappinnaip pirAtti and were ready to wage a war [on kaNNan]. kaNNan broke the humps of the bulls which were emitting thunderous bellowing.

pOr aravu Irththa kOn – river yamunA in thiruvAyppAdi (SrI gOkulam) was the main source of water for the herd as well as the herd-folks. kALiyan, the snake, had taken residence there, making the water poisonous and rendering yamunA, unfit for drinking. krishNa waged a war on such kALiyan by entering the river and made him to run away. Hence, he became the leader of herd-folks.

sey silaich chudar sUzhoLith thiNNa mAmadhiL thennaranganAm – being made of stone, having the ability of not being won over by anyone in any battle due to its strength, having height, the fortified walls surrounded the town of SrI rangam. SrI ranganAthan (periya perumAL) was reclining inside such temple.

mey silaik karumEgam – The term mey could be either taken as referring to the (physical) body, in which case the meaning for the verse would be: periya perumAL is like a bluish coloured cloud having bow in its body, or it (mey) could be taken as referring to truth, in which case the meaning would be: periya perumAL is truly like a bluish cloud, having a bow.

onRu tham nenjil ninRu thigazhappOy – Just as it has been said in the SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 38-15 SlOkam SObhayan dhandakAraNyam dhIpthO svEna thEjasA l adhruSyatha thathO rAmO bAlachandhra ivOdhitha:  ll (SrI rAma appeared like a just risen full moon, decorating the entire dhaNdakAraNyam (forest) with his effulgence), just as a blue gemstone kept inside a carbuncle box will emit its shine outside, the SrI vaishNavas emit shine outside since they have kept periya perumAL inside themselves.

mey silirppavar – thinking constantly that they have mercifully kept SrI ranganAthan inside, they will have goose bumps on their physical forms.

thammaiyE ninaindhu en manam mey silirkkume – whatever consequences they face by constantly thinking about periya perumAL, my heart too faces the same consequences by constantly thinking about them. Their bodies, which face the consequences, can be seen but my heart, which faces the same consequences, cannot be seen. Here, reference to goose bumps is applicable to shedding tears of joy etc.

We will take up the 6th pAsuram, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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