periya thirumozhi – 4.8.2 – kanjan vitta

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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kanjan vitta venjinaththa kaLiRadarththa kALai enRum
vanjamEvi vandha pEyin uyirai uNda mAyan enRum
senjolALar nIdu nAngaith thEvadhEvan enRenRu Odhi
panji anna melladiyAL pArththanpaLLi pAduvALE

Word-by-Word meanings

panji anna – like cotton
mel – soft
adiyAL – this girl, parakAla nAyaki who is having divine feet
kanjan – by kamsa
vitta – sent by
vem – cruel
sinaththa – having anger
kaLiRu – kuvalayApIdam
adarththa – killed
kALai enRum – as youth
vanjam – with mischief
mEvi – fixed (having such mind)
vandha – approached
pEyin – pUthanA’s
uyirai – life
uNda – consumed (finished)
mAyan enRum – as the amazing person
sem – beautiful
sol ALar – brAhmaNas who have the truthful words
nIdu – eternally inhabited
nAngai – mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
dhEva dhEvan enRu – as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
enRu Odhi – repeatedly saying in this manner
pArththan paLLi pAduvALE – sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi

Simple translation

This girl, parakAla nAyaki who is having cotton like divine feet repeatedly says as in “Youth who killed cruelly angry kuvalayApIdam which was sent by kamsa”, “The amazing person who consumed the life of pUthanA who was sent by pUthanA whose mind is fixed with mischief”, “dhEvAdhi dhEvan who is mercifully residing in thirunAngUr where brAhmaNas who have truthful, beautiful words are eternally residing” and sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kanjan … – The gratitude for his favour of killing kuvalayApIdam, again engages AzhwAr in krishNAvathAram.

kanjan vitta – Evil kamsan is the one who sent. kuvalayApIdam is the which is having such cruel anger which does not need anyone’s instigation, came charging. One cannot escape either way – looking at the nature of the one who sent or looking at the nature of the elephant which does not need any instigation. krishNa was still a child when he killed the very angry kuvalayApIdam which was instigated by kamsan.

vanjam … – Even without the mischief, she is naturally a ghost; on top of that, she came with mischief; my daughter says “the amazing person who killed such pUthanA”. Alternative explanation – one who has amazing qualities and acts to inflict her the fate which she desired to inflict on him.

sem sol ALar … – Everyone in the town would have truthful words. He should also have the same nature as the residents of the town; after vowing “I won’t leave you”, he cannot leave her in their watch; this is the hold for her. Saying “The lord of nithyasUris who is in thirunAngUr where the brAhmaNas with truthful words are residing”.

panji anna … – While he should speak incoherently looking at the tender nature of her feet, she is repeatedly reciting the name of the town where he is residing.

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