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Thiruvellakulam Sri Annan Perumal Purattasi Sevai | Tamil Brahmins Community

Even after surrendering as in “kAvaLambAdi mEya kaNNanE kaLaigaNIyE“, AzhwAr realised that he is still present in this samsAram where worldly pleasures are present; as said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 15.24 “priyam janam apaSyanthIm paSyanthIm rAkshasIgaNam svagaNEna mrugIm hInAm SvagaNai: AvruthAmiva” (One who is not seeing any of her dear ones, who is seeing the demoniac people, and one who resembles a baby deer who was caught in a herd of wolves), what is lost is the opportunity to be present among nithyasUris and what is attained is the opportunity to have worldly pleasures and working to get them. AzhwAr says “I am not attaining my desires, not due to your incapability, but I am losing while you are capable!” emperumAn asks “What is your desire?” AzhwAr responds “You should sever this connection with material world which is a hurdle for attaining you”

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