periya thirumozhi – 4.7.3 – kunRAl kuLir mAri

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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kunRAl kuLir mAri thaduththu ugandhAnE!
nanRAya perum pugazh vEdhiyar nAngUr
senRAr vaNangum thiruveLLakkuLaththuL
ninRAy! nediyAy! adiyEn idar nIkkE

Word-by-Word meanings

kunRAl – lifting up gOvardhana mountain
kuLir mAri – rain which made everyone freeze
thaduththu – stopped
ugandhAnE – oh you who became joyful!
nanRAya – distinguished
perum pugazh – great glories
vEdhiyar nAngUr – of brAhmaNas in thirunAngUr
senRAr – those who go
vaNangum – worshipping
thiruveLLak kuLaththuL – in thiruveLLakkuLam
ninRAy – oh you who are mercifully residing!
nediyAy – Oh you who are having inconceivable svarUpam, guNam etc!
adiyEn idar nIkku – you should mercifully eliminate my sorrows.

Simple translation

Oh you who became joyful lifting up the gOvardhana mountain and stopped the rain which made everyone freeze! Oh you who are mercifully residing in thiruveLLakkuLam where those who go, will worship, in thirunAngUr belonging to brAhmaNas who have distinguished, great glories! Oh you who are having inconceivable svarUpam, guNam etc! You should mercifully eliminate my sorrows.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kunRAl … – There is no restriction [or rule] in protecting a particular person (or group) with a specific instrument. He held the mountain as the umbrella and saved people from the rain and became joyful thinking “We got to help them!” Please observe the difference between sorrow of the cowherds who were caught in that rain and me [refers to AzhwAr who is caught in samsAram. Implies that his sorrow is greater].

nanRAya … – sarvESvaran’s greatness is that he is the opposite to all defects and the abode of all auspicious qualities only. The glories of the brAhmaNas in that town, are similar to that.

senRAr vaNangum … – mahAbhAratham sabhA parvam 42.4 “yathArham kESavE vruththim avaSA: prathipEdhirE” (Seeing krishNa’s entrance to the assembly, without realising, they got up and offered their respects) [The essence of this SlOkam is explained here] dhuryOdhanan, thinking that krishNa has arrived to broke peace, due to his partiality towards pANdavas, decorated himself along with associates and discussed with everyone that no one should get up or offer respects towards krishNa. But in the end, everyone including dhuryOdhanan, got up and offered respects to krishNa without realising it. This [act of servitors of dhuryOdhanan etc] is similar to dry leaves gathering and declaring that “We won’t fly” when the wind blows; similarly servitors vowing that they wont be favourable towards the lord; in this manner, you remained in thiruveLLakkuLam.

nediyAy – Oh you for whom the boundary of svarUpam and guNams cannot be seen!

adiyEn idar nIkkE – Only when there is sorrow on both sides, could one remain relaxed. (Here) Only, I am suffering.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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