Glossary/Dictionary by word – pramEya sAram

Sorted by pAsuram

 adaithAn  HE constructed a bridge across the ocean for sIthA pirAttipramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 adhu  The SaraNAgathi pathpramEya sAram – 5 
 adi  Such perumAL’spramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 adimai  servants topramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 AkdhThis thought,pramEya sAram – 7 
 AL enRu  are servants to those people who listen and abide by their AchAryAspramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 ALudaiyAn  are in fact servants to HIMpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 Ana those two come to lifepramEya sAram – 10 
 annIr amarndhAn  reclined on that waterpramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 anRE  at that very moment ensured thatpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 aththai the thought about itpramEya sAram – 8 
 aththalaiyAl vandha aruL  then that can be possible only solely due to HIS gracepramEya sAram – 5 
 avan  that very same personpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 avarai  Towards an AchAryan,pramEya sAram – 9 
 avvAnavarku  perumAL sriman nArAyaNan, who is being referred by the word “a”pramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 enRU  This particular is thought ispramEya sAram – 7 
 enRU  and thinks about their “no effort” on their pathpramEya sAram – 5 
 ERA nINirayam uNdu  A hell awaits from which it is impossible to get freedpramEya sAram – 9 
 ettumadhO  is it something thatpramEya sAram – 7 
 ezhil vAnaththu in the beautiful paramapadhampramEya sAram – 8 
 gyAnaththAl  the ways like gyAna yOgam and bhakti yOgampramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 ichchiyAdhu  will not look for other benefitspramEya sAram – 8 
 ichchiyAn One who does not like anything except the joy of sriman nArAyaNanpramEya sAram – 8 
 illai  perumAL has no fault that is caused bypramEya sAram – 7 
 illai enRu  have a lack of something.pramEya sAram – 7 
 inbam happinesspramEya sAram – 8 
 iRai thALgaL  lotus feetpramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 iRaiyai venRirupAr illai  There are no one available who wins over perumAL by thinking thatpramEya sAram – 7 
 iRaiyum sriman nArAyaNan, who is referred by “akAram” or “a”pramEya sAram – 10 
 irundadhu thAn  and continues to stick by that faithpramEya sAram – 5 
 iruppan  will strongly believe in this.pramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 iruppAr enRu  will go and live forever with nithyar, mukthar and other devotees atpramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 iruvarkkumuLLA muRaiyum The relationship between them (as illustrated by the 4th degree case ending) that is nothing but “being God” and “being servant”pramEya sAram – 10 
 iruvarukkum  for both jIvAthma and paramAthmA,pramEya sAram – 7 
 iththalaiyAl  if a person thinks along these lines thatpramEya sAram – 5 
 itta  are being bound by sriman nArAyaNanpramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 ivvARu  There are some people  whopramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 izhavu losspramEya sAram – 8 
 izhiyA vAn  there awaits a world from which there is no point of return and hence no rebirthpramEya sAram – 9 
 izhiyAdhE  yet does not do surrender (because if it is the only path, then the act of him doing is also not a means)pramEya sAram – 5 
 kadaindhAn  perumAL SrIman nArAyaNan churned for dhevas,pramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 kalam  in a container that is known as “body”pramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 kAN  Please go ahead and see in vEdhas about this fact!!!pramEya sAram – 7 
 kANAmai  withoutpramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 kaNdiruppAr  Those people who realize themselves as someone whopramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 kANum  blesses these soulspramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 kANum vagai uNdO?  will not fetch the lotus feet of perumAL. Will it?pramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 kAriyam yen kURIr?  What is the use of havingpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 kAriyamum  Such soul’s activities arepramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 karumaththAl  other ways like karma yOgam that is done on one’s effortpramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 karuththAr   AchAryan whopramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 kEtu  listen carefullypramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 koLLa kuRai iRai  from us in order to make HIM completepramEya sAram – 6 
 kulam  clan/family of servants (of SrIman nArAyaNan)pramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 kulam koNdu  realizing that we are born in clan destined for “subservience” to perumALpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 kuRai thAn  having to accept something in order to make HIM completepramEya sAram – 7 
 kURinArillA  something that is not spoken by someonepramEya sAram – 7 
 kURuvadhu yen  what do we have to say on our own, in order to protect ourselvespramEya sAram – 6 
 maRaiyudaiya mArgaththE  impregnated in vEdhas that ispramEya sAram – 7 
 maRaiyum is thirumanthram that is known as the essence of vEdhas (vEdha sAram)pramEya sAram – 10 
 maRRavai  other paths that includes karma, gyAna and bhakti yOgampramEya sAram – 5 
 mavvAnavar ellAm  all the souls that are collectively represented by the word “ma” arepramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 mILAdha  without realizing via spiritual advice that it is futilepramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 mItchiyillA  a point of no returnpramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 mudhal padaiththAn  HE created water first during the time of creation andpramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 munnIr  the ocean that is made of three sources of water viz., rain water, river water and the water that springs from belowpramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 muRaiyE mozhiyum The ability to clearly enunciate this relationshippramEya sAram – 10 
 muRRum  all thepramEya sAram – 5 
 nAdu  paramapadham that ispramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 namakku  nothing  on us (who are characterized by lack of anything)pramEya sAram – 6 
 nAn  I (Adiyen) who is a devotee of SrI rAmAnujapramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 nIdhiyAl  But for those who worship him as prescribed in the shAsthrAspramEya sAram – 9 
 nindhippArkku  and dismiss him as just another mortal humanpramEya sAram – 9 
 nOi diseasespramEya sAram – 8 
 Om enRu  if a person accepts and acknowledge it andpramEya sAram – 5 
 onRalla the two afor ementioned, namely jIvAthmA and paramAthmA, its existence will not make any sense and will be irrelevant (thought they exist, their existence is in line with non-existence)pramEya sAram – 10 
 onRu  There is only onepramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 onRU  then we can see thatpramEya sAram – 6 
 onRu  is of only one type that is made up of the same material known as “mUla poruL”pramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 onRu enRAl  if it is to be understood that it is the only path, thenpramEya sAram – 5 
 onRu enRAl  having realized that it is the only path,pramEya sAram – 5 
 orumaththAl  using the mountain called “manthara” aspramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 Oruvarkku  a person can get?pramEya sAram – 7 
 ozhiyA  has to be renounced without any tracepramEya sAram – 5 
 pala  is manypramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 palam koNdu  after getting irrelevant wealth, money etc., from perumAL,pramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 palam onRu  looking out for any benefitspramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 pAvam  (if) sinspramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 pENAmai kANum  not to catch hold thepramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 piththarAi  who does not realize the true greatness of his AchAryanpramEya sAram – 9 
 pizhai  The mistake / wrong thing for a soul to do ispramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 rupARkku  stand by such great aforementioned advices from their AchAryAs.pramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 solleer  Hey folks!!! Please tell mepramEya sAram – 6 
 thalai aLikkum the pain and benefits will be exercised at the appropriate timepramEya sAram – 8 
 thalam konda  measured the entire universepramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 thALiNaiyai vaiththa  who kept his lotus feet on the top of a sishyA’s head to remove any ignorancepramEya sAram – 9 
 thALiNaiyAn  One who has such a glorious feet, with which HEpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 tham kuRRaththAl   Such souls’s good and bad deeds (karmA)pramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 thanayozhindha  except HIM,pramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 tharum aththAl anRi  automatically gives itself (to us). Except thispramEya sAram – 4 – karumaththAl 
 thaththam avayE Based on one’s karmapramEya sAram – 8 
 thaththam iRaiyin  and celebrate him as “our god”pramEya sAram – 9 
 thiruththAlgaL  lotus feet of anpramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 thunbam sadnesspramEya sAram – 8 
 uchchiyAn where sriman nArAyaNan is on top ofpramEya sAram – 8 
 uchchiyAnAm the head of such a person with such good meritspramEya sAram – 8 
 uLadhAgil  were to existpramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 uLLa padi If we were to correctly understand andpramEya sAram – 6 
 uNaril  realize the true nature of soulpramEya sAram – 6 
 uNarththuvAr explains the meanings of thirumanthrampramEya sAram – 10 
 uNarthuvAr illA nAL During the time when there is no one (no AchAryan) to explain this relationship clearlypramEya sAram – 10 
 uNdAna pOdhu But when an AchAryanpramEya sAram – 10 
 uNdenRu  there ispramEya sAram – 6 
 uNdu  this is certainpramEya sAram – 9 
 uraiththAr  told thatpramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 uvvAnavar  AchAryAspramEya sAram – 1 – avvAnavarkku 
 uyir  However, the souls that possess this character of being a servantpramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 uyirum jIvAthmAs , who are referred by “makAram” or “ma”pramEya sAram – 10 
 vadivu enRu  one should regard him as verily Lord sriman nArAyaNanpramEya sAram – 9 
 vaNangiyirA  People who does not do this and instead disrespect his AchAryanpramEya sAram – 9 
 vandhippArkku  and respect him with utmost respectpramEya sAram – 9 
 vazhiyAvadhu  The path (means/ways) called “SaraNAgathi”,pramEya sAram – 5 
 veekAlam time of oldage and consequential deathpramEya sAram – 8 
 vErAm  variegated depending on its karmApramEya sAram – 2 – kulamonRu 
 vidIr Please leavepramEya sAram – 8 
 viLLa  We have nothing that we can talk aboutpramEya sAram – 6 
 viragiladhAi  Our state is truly this and we have no way of talking about uspramEya sAram – 6 
 viththam WealthpramEya sAram – 8 
 vittadhE  Look at our true nature!!!pramEya sAram – 6 
 yAm  We, whose basic nature is to be subservient to sriman nArAyaNanpramEya sAram – 6 
 yAvaraiyum  all the soulspramEya sAram – 3 – palam koNdu 
 yEdhum illAdha  absolute dearth of anythingpramEya sAram – 6 
 yEdhum illArkku  lord sriman nArAyaNan who is characterized bypramEya sAram – 6 
 yEdhumillai  there is no good karma / deed that can be done on his ownpramEya sAram – 5 
 yEtha  He will praise his master sriman nArAyaNanpramEya sAram – 8 

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