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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thiNNiyadhOr ari uruvAyth thisai anaiththum nadungath
thEvarodu thAnavargaL thisaippa iraNiyanai
naNNi avan mArvagalaththu ugir maduththa nAdhan
nAL dhORum magizhndhu inidhu maruvi uRai kOyil
eNNil migu perunjelvaththu ezhil viLangu maRaiyum
Ezhisaiyum kELvigaLum iyanRa perunguNaththOr
maNNil migu maRaiyavargaL maliveydhu nAngUr
vaigundha viNNagaram vaNangu mada nenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

thisai anaiththum – those who are in all directions
nadunga – to fear
dhEvarodu dhAnavargaL – dhEvathAs (noble celestials) and dhAnavas (demons)
thisaippa – to be bewildered
thiNNiyadhu Or – strong and distinguished
ari uruvAy – in the form of narasimha
iraNiyanai – hiraNyAsuran
naNNi – approached
avan – his
mArvu agalaththu – wide chest
ugir maduththa – placed the nail and tore
nAdhan – lord
nAdORum – everyday
magizhndhu – with joy
inidhu – to be sweet for the devotees
maruvi uRai kOyil – eternally residing without any other expectation
eNNil migu – countless
perum selvaththu – having great wealth
ezhil viLangu – radiantly beautiful
maRaiyum – vEdhams
Ezhu isaiyum – seven rAgas
kELvigaLum – hearing the meanings (of such vEdhams etc)
iyanRa – complete (filled with)

(due to that)
perum guNaththOr – those who are with noble qualities
maNNil migu – best among the bhUsuras (noble personalities on the earth)
maRaiyavargaL – brAhmaNas
malivu eydhum – residing densely
nAngUr – in thirunAngUr
vaigundha viNNagaram – vaigundha viNNagaram
vaNangu – worship
mada nenjE – Oh humble heart!

Simple translation

The lord appeared in the form of strong and distinguished narasimha to make those who are living in all directions to fear and to bewilder the celestial beings and demons; he approached hiraNya, the demon, and placed the nail on his chest and tore it; everyday he is joyfully and eternally residing without any other expectation, to be sweet for his devotees, in vaigundha viNNagaram in thirunAngUr. Oh humble heart! Worship such abode where brAhmaNas, who are best among the bhUsuras and are with noble qualities, are residing densely, are complete with radiantly beautiful vEdhams which have countless great wealth, seven rAgas and hearing the meanings (of such vEdhams etc).

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thiNNiyadhu Or ari uruvAy – Being narasimha who will not step back hearing about hiraNyan’s anger, to make those who are in all directions to fear and to bewilder everyone irrespective of the favourable or unfavourable ones.

iraNiyanai naNNi – Approached the cruel, evil hiraNyan like those who would approach burning fire.

avan mArvu agalaththu ugir maduththa – The eternal abode of emperumAn who established his lordship by placing his divine nail on hiraNyan’s wide chest as if making way for the blood which is seeking an exit point while circulating [in his body] and destroying him.

eNNil migu … – vEdham which is having countless wealth, which is endless due to qualities such as nirdhOshathva (being faultless) and hence radiantly shining, saptha svarams (seven rAgas), and the hearing of angams (ancillary aspects) and other topics; those who are filled with noble qualities by being engaged in these.

eNNil … – The abode where brAhmaNas who are well learned as said in “He is the only deserving person!” are densely residing.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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