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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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kAviyangaNNi eNNil kadimAmalarp pAvai oppAL
pAviyEn peRRamaiyAl paNaith thOLi parakkazhindhu
thUvisEr annam anna nadaiyAL nedumAlodum pOy
vAviyandhaN paNai sUzh vayalAli puguvarkolO?

Word-by-Word meanings

kAvi am kaNNi – having beautiful eyes resembling kAvi flower
eNNil – if we analyse
kadi mA malar – living in very fragrant lotus flower
pAvai oppAL – one who is matching periya pirAttiyAr
thUvi sEr – having wings
annam anna – matching a swan’s
nadaiyAL – having the gait
paNaith thOLi – my daughter who is having bamboo like shoulder
pAviyEn – me, the sinner
peRRamaiyAl – due to the defect of giving birth to her
parakku azhindhu – without even a little bit of shame
nedumAlodum – with the one who has great love
pOy – going alone

(having united with him, both of them together)
vAvi – ponds
thaN ambaNai – cool water bodies
sUzh – surrounded fully
vayal – having abundant crops
Ali – in thiruvAli
puguvarkolO – will they enter?

Simple translation

If we analyse my daughter, who is having bamboo like shoulder, winged swan like gait and beautiful eyes resembling kAvi flower, she matches periya pirAttiyAr who is living in very fragrant lotus flower; due to the defect of me, who is a sinner, giving birth to her, she is going alone, without even a little bit of shame, with the one who has great love; will they enter thiruvAli which is having abundant crops surrounded by ponds and cool water bodies?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kAvi … – Just as pirAtti is having greatness of being more “asithEkshaNA” (black eyed) than ISvaran, parakAla nAyaki is greater than pirAtti.

kAvi am kaNNi – Her eyes are fortunate to enjoy the togetherness of pirAtti and emperumAn.

pAviyEn … – It is because of being born as my daughter that she had to go alone.

thUvi sEr … – One who can make others go crazy with her gait.

nedumAlodum pOy – One who becomes madly in love by going crazy with her gait.

vAvi … – Will they enter the town where they can play water sports, throwing flowers at each other?

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