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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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anjuvan venjol nangAy! arakkar kulap pAvai thannai
venjina mUkkarindha viRalOn thiRam kEtkil meyyE
panjiya melladi em paNaith thOLi parakkazhindhu
vanjiyandhaNpaNai sUzh vayalAli puguvarkolO?

Word-by-Word meanings

nangAy – Oh neighbourhood girl!
vem sol – This is a very cruel word.
arakkar kulap pAvai thannai – sUrpaNakA who was celebrated as the only daughter of the whole rAkshasa clan, her
vem sinam – by the cruel anger
mUkku – her nose
arindha – severed
viRalOn – the youthful person who is strong, his
thiRam – way
kEtkil – if heard now
meyyE anjuvan – will fear thinking that it is happening now; (while this is the case)
panju mel adi – very tender feet, similar to cotton
em paNaith thOLi – my daughter who has bamboo like shoulder
parakku azhindhu – without humility (being together with him, both of them)
vanji – by collection of creepers
am – beautiful
thaN paNai – by cool bamboo bushes
sUzh – surrounded
vayal – having fertile fields
Ali – in thiruvAli
puguvarkolO – will they reach?

Simple translation

Oh neighbourhood girl! This is a very cruel word. By her cruel anger, sUrpaNakA who was celebrated as the only daughter of the whole rAkshasa clan, got her nose severed by the youthful one. If I heard about his such ways, I will fear thinking that it is happening now [to my daughter]. Will my daughter who is having very tender feet similar to cotton, bamboo like shoulder and is without humility, along with him, reach thiruvAli which is surrounded by fertile fields which has collections of creepers, cold bamboo bushes?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

anjuvan … [should be recited as “arakkar kulap pAvai … meyyE anjuvan”] – bhattar mercifully recited this pAsuram and asked [kidAmbi] AchchAn “Since it is said that I fear hearing the ways of the one who disfigured a woman, as it appears to affect the good qualities of bhagavAn, this should not be mercifully said by AzhwAr. How can this be reconciled?” AchchAn said “Should one stir the pot with one’s hand painfully while there is a lengthy ladle? emperumAnAr himself mercifully explained this” bhattar asked “How is this mercifully explained?” AchchAn mercifully replied “parakAla nAyaki’s mother is fearing thinking about the danger which occurred when sIthAp pirAtti was going along with SrI rAma”.

meyyE anjuvan – [This is in present tense] She does not realise that such incident happened in the past and now we are in the present; she is fearing as if it is happening now.

panjiya mel adi – She is having foot which is so tender that even while resting on a mattress, one should fear about it.

em paNaith thOLi – Having shoulder which is having circumference, freshness and length which are similar to that of a bamboo.

parakku azhindhu – Not fearing for accusations. Also explained as para kazhivu – very much lost.

vanji … – Is she going to a destination which has matching entities for her?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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