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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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paNdu ivan Ayan nangAy! padiRan pugundhu en magaL than
thoNdaiyanjenganivAy nugarndhAnai ugandhu avan pin
keNdai oN kaN miLirak kiLi pOl mizhaRRi nadandhu
vaNdamar kAnal malgum vayalAli puguvar kolO?

Word-by-Word meanings

nangAy – Oh neighbourhood girls!
ivan – this youthful person
paNdu – previously
Ayan padiRan – was a thief in the cowherd clan (who would steal the cowherd girls)
pugundhu – entered (into my home physically)
en magaL than – my youthful daughter, her
thoNdai sengani am vAy nugarndhAn – drank the nectar from her beautiful lips which are like reddish kOvai fruit
ugandhu – (my daughter) desiring him
keNdai – like keNdai fish
oN kaN – beautiful eyes
miLira – becoming expanded and shining (due to seeing something unseen)
kiLi pOl – like a parrot
mizhaRRi – speaking some words
avan pin nadandhu – walking behind him (both of them, who became united)
vaNdu amar – filled with beetles
kAnal malgum – surrounded by seaside gardens
vayal – having fertile fields
Ali – in thiruvAli
puguvar kolO – they may reach or not!

Simple translation

Oh neighbourhood girls! Previously, this youthful person was a thief in the cowherd clan; he entered my home and drank the nectar from her beautiful lips which are like reddish kOvai fruit; desiring him, her keNdai fish like beautiful eyes became expanded and shining; speaking some words like a parrot, she started walking behind him; they may or may not reach thiruvAli which is having fertile fields surrounded by seaside gardens filled with beetles.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

paNdu ivan Ayan nangAy – [Previously he was a cowherd] His current state makes his previous state to be considered as chakravarthith thirumagan (son of emperor dhaSarathi). The lowly one who tried to steal butter but could not do it well, is now doing this to my daughter.

Alternative explanation

paNdu ivan … – Previously he was as said in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 12.8kAdu vAzh sAdhi” (belonging to forest tribe), has now become civilised.

padiRan pugundhu – Previously he would steal without the knowledge of others; now he has become paSyathOharn (one who steals while others are watching).

en magaL … – Beyond defeating her with his beauty etc, he mesmerised her with his ability in romantic acts!

avan pin – As said in periya thirumozhi 9.3.3 “pEdhai ninnaip piriyEn ini” (Oh innocent girl! I will never leave you), he made her lose by certain romantic acts; he did not even call her saying “Come!” He is using his nectarean saliva which is like the magic powder, to make her follow him.

keNdai oN kaN miLir – Seeing some new/unseen things, she keeps asking her hero “What are these?” with her eyes.

kiLi pOl mizhaRRi – Speaking sweet words with her mouth, after asking certain questions with her eyes.

nadandhu – She followed him since if she goes in front of him, he will not be able to focus on the destination.

vaNdu … – Will they enter the town where even the animals which enter will not leave as said in chAndhOgya upanishath 8.15 “na cha punar AvarthathE” (there is no return). She is saying that she cannot desire for her daughter anymore.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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