periya thirumozhi – 3.5.1 – vandhu

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periya thirumozhi >> Third centum >> Fifth decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


vandhunadhu adiyEn manam pugundhAy pugundhadhaR pin vaNangum en
sindhanaikku iniyAy! thiruvE! en AruyirE!
andhaLir aNiyAr asOgin iLandhaLirgaL kalandhu avai engum
sendhazhal puraiyum thiruvAli ammAnE!

Word-by-Word meanings

am – beautiful
thaLir – acquired from sprouts
aNi Ar – having abundant beauty
asOgin – aSOka tree’s
iLam thaLirgaL avai – tender sprouts
engum kalandhu – spreading everywhere
sem – reddish
thazhal puraiyum – like fire
thiruvAli ammAnE – Oh you who are having thiruvAli as your abode!
thiruvE – Oh my wealth!
en Ar uyirE – Oh my sustainer!
vandhu – coming to my place
unadhu adiyEn – I, your servant’s
manam – in the heart
pugundhAy – entered;
pugundhadhaRpin – after you entered
vaNangum – surrender
en sindhanaikku – for my mind
iniyAy – became sweet.

Simple translation

Oh you who are having thiruvAli as your abode where the tender sprouts of aSOka trees which are having abundant beauty acquired from the beautiful sprouts, are spreading like reddish fire! Oh my wealth! Oh my sustainer! Coming to my place, you entered this servant’s heart; after you entered, you became sweet for my mind which is surrendering unto you.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vandhu – Having thiruvAli, which is greatly enjoyable, as your abode, while I should have come and surrendered to you and while I did not show any interest towards you, you have come to my place on your own. When materials have to be exchanged between two islands, either they have to be transported to be exchanged mid-way or one party needs to bring all the materials to the other island; in this case, emperumAn himself travelled all the way and came up to AzhwAr’s place.

unadhu adiyEn – This is the evidence he brought along with him, to claim entry into my heart; as said in thiruvAimozhi 9.4.10 “adiyAn ivan enRu enakkAraruL seyyum” (emperumAn is having in his thiruvuLLam (divine heart) “he (AzhwAr) is my natural servitor”, while showering his complete mercy) – saying “Will you be responsible for your benefit? See, it is me!” and entered to assume all the burdens of AzhwAr. He entered my mind, which is the entry into me and which is where I will say “I won’t accept you”, when he tries to enter there.

When asked “What did he do after emperumAn entered?” AzhwAr says,

vaNangum – Even if it is enemies’ home, if one enters, they will be given a seat; similarly, AzhwAr worshipped emperumAn as said in mahAbhAratham sabhA parvam 75 “yadhArham kESavE vruththimavaSA: prathibEdhirE” (with great enchantment towards kESava, they performed obeisances etc).

en sindhanaikku iniyAy – He is so sweet to my mind that he who entered my heart in this manner, will not be allowed to leave even if he says “I will leave”.

thiruvE – As said in periya thirumozhi 7.7.1 “thiruvukkum thiruvAgiya selvA” (one who is the wealth for pirAtti who is embodiment of wealth), he is AzhwAr’s wealth.

en Ar uyirE – Instead of wealth being one thing and sustenance being another, you who are my sustainer! emperumAn remains in such a manner that those who separate from him cannot sustain themselves!

am thaLir … – Being my sustainer and great enjoyment, you entered my heart as if you have no place, though having thiruvAli as your abode! The tender sprouts of the aSOka tree which is having abundant beauty due to the beautiful sprouts, spread everywhere and resembled fire. As the reddish, tender sprouts are grown well to be spread everywhere, they look attractive as if every place is set on fire. In this manner, you, who belonged to the abode which causes ignorance [to make us think tender sprouts to be fire] and remained the sarvESvaran, have entered my heart!

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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