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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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nAnmugan nAL migath tharukkai irukku vAymai
nalamigu sIr urOmasanAl naviRRi nakkan
Un mugamAr thalaiyOttUN ozhiththa endhai
oLimalarch chEvadi aNaivIr! uzhusE Odach
chUl mugamAr vaLaiyaLaivAy uguththa muththaith
thol kurugu sinai ennach chUzhndhu iyanga engum
thEn mugamAr kamala vayal sEl pAy kAzhich
chIrAma viNNagarE sErmin nIrE

Word-by-Word meanings

nAnmugan – brahmA’s
nAL – life span
miga – as it is lengthy (caused by that)
tharukkai – pride,
irukku – vEdham
vAymai – one who is reciting
nalam migu sIr – having good conduct
urOmasanAl – by rOmasa bhagavAn
naviRRu – eliminated
nakkan – the naked rudhra’s (stuck on his hand)
Un Ar – fleshy
mugan thalaiyOttu – brahmA’s skull
UN – (begged and eaten) food
ozhiththa – eliminated
endhai – lord of all, his
oLi malar – like a fresh flower
sEvadi – reddish divine feet
aNaivIr – Oh you who desire to attain!
uzhu – ploughing
sE – oxen
Oda – running (due to strength)
sUl mugam Ar – pregnant
vaLai – conches
aLaivAy – in the holes
uguththa – gave birth
muththai – pearls
thol kurugu – huge kurugu (heron) birds
sinai enna – considering those to be their eggs
sUzhndhu iyanga – flying around there (by that wind)
engum – wherever seen
thEn – flood of honey
mugam Ar – flowing from face
kamalam – having lotus flowers
sEl – sEl fish
pAy – jumping
vayal – having fertile fields
kAzhi – in the town of kAzhi
sIrAma viNNagarE – SrIrAma viNNagaram
nIr – you
sErmin – surrender

Simple translation

emperumAn eliminated brahmA’s pride which was caused by his lengthy life span, by rOmasa bhagavAn who is reciting vEdhams and having good conduct; he eliminated the suffering of the naked rudhra where he had to beg and eat from brahmA’s fleshy skull; oh you who desire to attain the fresh flower like divine feet of such emperumAn who is the lord of all! You surrender unto SrIrAma viNNagaram in the town of kAzhi where ploughing oxen are running to cause pregnant conches to give birth to pearls in the holes; in the fertile fields, the huge herons, considering those pearls to be their own eggs, flew around causing lotus flowers to spit flood of honey through their mouth and where sEl fish are jumping.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

nAnmugan … – rOmasa bhagavAn said “How many persons who are known as brahmA appear like bubbles and disappear!” [to subdue the pride of brahmA]. Through rOmasa bhagavAn who has the greatness acquired by reciting vEdhams and having good conduct, the pride of brahmA caused due to having a lengthy life span, where brahmA thought “I am the lord of the fourteen layered worlds! Who has my life span!”, was eliminated.

nakkan … – Severing the head of rudhra’s father and the teacher of the whole world, having become a sinner due to that, rudhra was begging with that same fleshy skull and eating out of it. The lord who eliminated such humiliation for rudhra. Both of these personalities are popularly known as lords for the world; emperumAn eliminated their pride.

oLi malarch chEvadi aNaivIr – Oh you who desire to attain his divine feet which are shining due to his natural lordship!

uzhu sE … – Ploughing is done with very strong oxen which resemble elephants. As they run amok, the conches which fault those who touched them for delivering the pearls as said in “Its about to give birth now; its giving birth now”, gave birth to pearls in the holes they were residing; the elderly herons which are experienced, not knowing the difference between their eggs and the pearls, considering those pearls to be their own eggs, flew around those as they were unable to leave the place. By the wind caused by their flying, the lotus flowers which are well grown and are present everywhere, were blossoming and spitting well matured honey; the sEl fish which drank such honey are jumping around.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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