periya thirumozhi – 3.4.1 – oru kuRaLAy

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periya thirumozhi >> Third centum >> Fourth decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


oru kuRaLAy irunilam mUvadi maN vENdi
ulaganaiththum IradiyAl odukki onRum
tharugavenA mAvaliyaich chiRaiyil vaiththa
thAdALan thALaNaivIr! thakka kIrththi
arumaRaiyin thiraL nAngum vELvi aindhum
angangaL avai ARum isaigaL Ezhum
theruvil mali vizhA vaLamum siRakkum kAzhich
chIrAma viNNagarE sErmin nIrE

Word-by-Word meanings

oru – unique
kuRaLAy – assuming the form of dwarf, vAmana (went to mahAbali)
iru nilam – in the vast earth
mUvadi maN – three steps of land
vENdi – begged
ulaganaiththum – all the worlds
IradiyAl – with two steps
odukki – subdued
onRum – with another step
tharuga enA – asking to give
mAvaliyai – mahAbali
siRaiyil vaiththa – one who placed him in the prison of pAthALam (nether world), his
thAdALan – the supreme lord’s
thAL – divine feet
aNaivIr – Oh you who desire to attain!
thakka – matching his
kIrthi – having greatness
aru – difficult to know the meanings
maRaiyin – vEdhams’
thiraL – collections
nAngum – four
aindhu vELviyum – the five great yagyas (sacrifices)
ARu angangaLum – ancillaries such as vyAkaraNam etc
Ezhu isaigaLum – seven svarams (musical tunes)
mali – having in abundance
vizhA – festivals’
vaLamum – beauty
siRakkum – to grow further
theruvin – streets’
kAzhi – in the town of kAzhi
sIrAma viNNagarE – SrIrAma viNNagaram
nIr – you
sErmin – surrender

Simple translation

emperumAn, assumed the form of a unique vAmana and begged three steps of land on the vast earth; subsequently, he subdued all the worlds with two steps and asked mahAbali to give another step of land; oh you who desire to attain the divine feet of supreme lord who placed such mahAbali in the prison of pAthALam (nether world)! You surrender unto the SrIrAma viNNagaram in the town of kAzhi, where the collections of four vEdhams which have as much greatness as himself and are difficult to attain, the five great sacrifices, six ancillaries such as vyAkaraNa etc, seven tunes, are all present abundantly and is having increasing beauty in the streets of SrI rAma viNNAgarm in kAzhi.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

oru kuRaLAy … – Having a unique form, which will make anyone who has seen him to give whatever he asks for.

iru nilam – Vast earth.

mU adi maN vENdi – As if he has no space to place his feet, emperumAn, making mahAbali to be the owner of this earth, begged for three steps of land from him, subdued everything with two steps and said “You promised to give three steps of land. Will you not give one more step of land?”

mAvaliyaich chiRaiyil vaiththa – Subsequently, he made indhra regain his position and placed mahAbali in pAthALam.

thAdALan thAL anaivIr – Oh you who are desiring to attain the divine feet of emperumAn who has the greatness of begging for the sake of his devotees!

thakka … – Surrender unto SrIrAma viNNagaram in kAzhi where the collection of four vEdhams which have great fame due to being apaurushEya (not authored by anyone), five great yagyas, six ancillaries of vEdhams, seven svarams, the beauty due to abundance of festivals are all shining fully.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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