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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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minnin nuNNidai madakkodi kAraNam vilangalin misai ilangai
mannan nILmudi podi seydha maindhanadhidam maNi varai nIzhal
anna mAmalar aravindhaththu amaLiyil pedaiyodum inidhu amara
sennelAr kavarikkulai vIsu thaN thiruvayindhirapuramE

Word-by-Word meanings

minnil – like lightning
nuN – slender
idai – waist
madam – and having humility
kodi kAraNam – for the creeper like pirAtti
vilangalin misai – built on the suvElA mountain
ilangai – for lankA
mannan – the king, rAvaNa’s
nIL mudi – ten tall crowns/heads
podi seydha – turned to dust
maindhanadhu – strong one’s
idam – abode is
maNi varai – gem mountain’s
nIzhal – in the shade
annam – swans
mA – big
aravindha malar – lotus flower
amaLiyil – on the bed
pedaiyodum – with their female counterparts
inidhu – sweetly
amara – to resting
sennel Ar kulai – the crop filled with red paddy
kavari vIsu – like fanning with whisk
thaN – cool
thiruvayindhirapuramE – thiruvahindhrapuram.

Simple translation

emperumAn, the strong one, turned the ten heads/crowns of rAvaNa, the king of lankA, which was built on the suvElA mountain for the creeper like pirAtti who is having slender waist which was like lightning and who had humility, into dust; his abode is the cool thiruvahindhrapuram where under the shade of the gem-like mountain, swans along with their female counterparts were sweetly resting on the bed of huge lotus flowers to be fanned by the whisk of crop filled with red paddy.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

minnil … – For the divine daughter of king janaka who is having lightning like slender waist, being the abode of all noble qualities, and having the age to be united with an able support. Her beauty will make the rakshaka (emperumAn, the saviour) to say these words. SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 64.78 is explained here. purEva mE chArudhathIm – If I am not presented with sIthAp pirAtti as she was smiling, before I went chasing the mystic deer when she asked “Please get that deer for me”. anindhithAm – When told “He destroyed the whole world for her”, can anyone oppose that saying “He did a mistake in doing this for her”? One should say as in “yuktham ithyEva mE mathi:” (In my opinion even if SrI rAma destroys everything for her sake, it is apt). [hanuman thought] If I, who have not understood pirAtti fully, can think in this manner, what will those who fully understood pirAtti think? sadhEva … – Should he go through the same amount of difficulty in destroying the world as he went through while creating it?

vilangalin … – There is the suvElA mountain; there is thrikUta peak atop the mountain; finally, there is the capital city atop the peak; the abode of the strong one who turned into dust, the ten heads of evil rAvaNa which were enriched by the boons of dhEvathAs, and where he was prideful that he was the king of such lankA which cannot be destroyed by anyone.

maNi varai nIzhal – Under the shade of the gem-like mountain.

annam … – The swan, resting on the huge lotus flower bed; that is the bed where they can bathe, eat, drink honey, and having vastness to sleep away from each other when there is romantic fight between each other; even if one tolerates chaNdALa by birth, one cannot tolerate the person who has become chaNdALa due to offending the spouse; [Would animals/birds have romantic fight? Yes] as said in periya thirumozhi 6.7.6 “paLLik kamalaththidaippatta” (being caught inside the lotus which is the bed).

sennelAr … – To be seated sweetly along with the female counterpart on the bed, the red paddy being helpful for such presence instead of being a hurdle, would do fanning with the whisk; will serve with the fully filled paddy crop, so that one need not worry about the presence of another person during such intimate times.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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