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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pArERu perum bAram thIrap paNdu
bAradhaththuth thUdhu iyangi pArththan selvath
thErERu sAradhiyAy edhirndhAr sEnai
seruk kaLaththuth thiRal azhiyach cheRRAn thannai
pOrERu onRu udaiyAnum aLagaik kOnum
purandharanum nAnmuganum porundhum Ur pOl
sIrERu maRaiyALar niRaindha selvath
thirukkOvalUr adhanuL kaNdEn nAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

pAr – On earth
ERu – loaded
perum bAram – huge burden
thIra – to be eliminated
paNdu – previously
bAradhaththu – in mahAbhAratha war
thUdhu iyangi – went as messenger
pArththan – arjuna’s
selvam – beautiful
thEr – in the chariot
ERu – best
sAradhiyAy – being the charioteer
edhirndhAr sEnai – the army of the opposing enemies
seruk kaLaththu – in the battle field
thiRal azhiya – to destroy the strength
seRRAn thannai – one who destroyed
pOr – (by its strength) pushing to fight
ERu onRu – a bull
udaiyAnum – rudhra who has as vehicle
aLagaik kOnum – vaiSravaNa (kubEra)
purandharanum – indhra
nAnmuganum – brahmA
porundhum – remaining together
Ur pOl – like a town
ERu – lot of
sIr – having good qualities
maRaiyALar – brAhmaNas who are experts in vEdham
niRaindha – well gathered
selvam – having wealth
thirukkOvalUr adhanuL – in thirukkOvalUr
nAn kaNdEn – I got to see.

Simple translation

emperumAn, to eliminate the huge burden which got loaded on earth and to destroy the army of the opposing enemies, previously in the mahAbhAratha war, went as arjuna’s messenger and remained the best charioteer in arjuna’s beautiful chariot, destroyed them in the battle field; I got to see such emperumAn in thirukkOvalUr which is similar to a town where rudhra who has bull which is pushing to fight, kubEra, indhra and brahmA can live together, and where brAhmaNas who have lots of good qualities and are experts in vEdham, have well gathered wealth.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pAr ERu perum bAram thIra – Earth has the names kshamai (forgiveness) and poRai (tolerance). To eliminate the huge burden on earth which cannot tolerate it even though it is named “poRai”. The earth which is named based on its tolerance could not bear it due to becoming heavy being possessed by demons.

paNdu – AzhwAr is saying “What a day when he went as a messenger!”

bAradhaththuth thUdhu iyangi – pANdavas said “Our relatives should also live happily”; dhuryOdhana et al said “If our relatives (pANdavas) lived, we cannot live”. krishNa tried to create a truce between them by going as messenger; but as dhuryOdhana et al said “We will not agree to your words” in any manner, krishNa himself caused the war, and when they said to him “We will not let you pick up arms”, he killed them with chariot wheel (by riding it efficiently) itself.

pArththan selvath thEr – This is the chariot of arjuna who has krishNa as his friend, brother-in-law, messenger and charioteer. It is said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 1.14mahathi syandhanE sthithau” (seated in the huge chariot).

sAradhiyAy – If he were the rathi (one who is the owner of the chariot), victory will be his; hence he assumed the role of sArathi (charioteer) and ensured that the victory was arjuna’s.

edhirndhAr … – Though he reduced himself to be the charioteer and ensured the victory went for arjuna, those who know the root cause, will not leave it. AzhwAr is saying “arjuna is just an instrument and it was krishNa who won the war and brought fame to arjuna by doing so”. In the battle field, against the opposing army. dhuryOdhana et al tried to cunningly defeat pANdavas by trying to push them in a pond on the banks of river gangA, to push them into the lacquer palace and burn it down and defeat them in gambling; unlike that, krishNa got them killed by eliminating their strength in direct battle in the battlefield.

pOr … – The presence of brAhmaNas in that town appeared as if all the dhEvathAs migrated to a single place after the demoniac forces were eliminated. Resembling a town where rudhra who has bull as his vehicle, vaiSravaNa, indhra and brahmA are present together. [How can we compare brAhmaNas who serve selflessly to these dhEvathAs?] rudhra who can burn down anyone, burnt down manmatha (cupid) when manmatha tried to induce lust in rudhra towards his wife [hence he has detachment]. kubEra would donate generously and his wealth will double by giving [generosity]. indhra will give joy to those who come to his abode.

nAnmuganum – He has peace and he is the creator of all.

sIr … – The abode where brAhmaNas with such qualities, are present with unlimited wealth.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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