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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


annamum mInum Amaiyum ariyum
    Aya em mAyanE! aruLAy
ennum inthoNdarkku innaruL puriyum
    idavendhai endhai pirAnai
mannu mAmAda mangaiyar thalaivan
    mAnavEl kaliyan vAy oligaL
panniya panuval pAduvAr nALum
    pazhavinai paRRaRuppArE

Word-by-Word meanings

annamum – hamsAvathAram
mInum – mathsyAvathAram
Amaiyum – kUrmAvathAram
ariyumAya – one who mercifully performed narasimhAvathAram as well
em mAyanE – Oh you who are my lord having amazing abilities!
aruLAy – mercifully shower your mercy
ennum – one who prays
in – distinguished
thoNdarkku – servitors
in aruL puriyum – one who gives his great mercy
idavendhai endhai pirAnai – on nithya kalyANan who is eternally residing in thiruvidavendhai
mannum – remaining eternally (surviving even the deluge)
mA – huge
mAdam – having mansions
mangaiyar – for the residents of thirumangai region
thalaivan – being the leader
mAnam – having broad leaf
vEl – holding the spear
kaliyan – AzhwAr’s
vAy – in the divine lips
oli – to become famous
panniya – mercifully elaborated
panuval – songs
pAduvAr – those who can recite, being stimulated by love
nALum – forever
pazhavinai – their past karmas’
paRRu – relationship
aRuppAr – will eliminate along with the traces.

Simple translation

For those distinguished servitors who pray saying “Oh you who are my lord having amazing abilities who performed hamsAvathAram, mathsyAvathAram, kUrmAvathAram and narasimhAvathAram! Mercifully shower your mercy”, nithya kalyANan emperumAn who eternally resides in thiruvidavendhai, gives his great mercy. On such emperumAn, AzhwAr who is the leader of the residents of thirumangai region which is having huge mansions which remain eternally, and who is holding the spear with a broad leaf, mercifully elaborated these songs in his divine lips, to have them become famous. Being stimulated by love, those who can recite these songs will forever eliminate the relationship with their past karmas, along with the traces.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

annamum … – As he was suffering due to the bewilderment, he is thinking about the incarnations which gave him knowledge.

in thoNdarkku in aruL puriyum – AzhwAr sang about the benefactor who arrived and is standing in thiruvidavendhai  for the sake of those who are subsequent to the incarnations and have the same taste as that of AzhwAr. The poet is the one who is the leader of thirumangai which has eternal mansions; the leader of thirumangai where the mansions don’t get destroyed even in the deluge.

mAna vEl kaliyan – The spear which would cause the same amount of SrIvaishNavaSri (wealth of kainkaryam) as its own for those who hold it; the spear which has a broad leaf. The songs which were composed by AzhwAr to have a beautiful tone.

panniya panuval – Those who can recite these ten pAsurams elaborately to have none of the qualities missing.

nALum pazha vinai paRRaRuppArE – They will have their karmas which were previously earned by them, eliminated along with the traces. They will enter the abode where bhagavAn is fully enjoyed and enjoy that and will not have to become fainted as the daughter and calling out as the divine mother.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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