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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


alangezhu thadakkai Ayan vAy AmbaRku
azhiyumAl en uLLam ennum
pulangezhu poru nIrp putkuzhi pAdum
pOdhumO nIrmalaikkennum
kulangezhu kollik kOmaLavalli
kodiyidai nedu mazhaik kaNNi
ilangezhil thOLikku en ninaindhirundhAy
idavendhai endhai pirAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

(My daughter)
alam – the weapon named halam (plough)
kezhu – shining
thadam – huge
kai – having divine hands
Ayan – krishNa, the cowherd boy, his
vAy – playing from his divine lips
AmbaRku – for the sound of flute
en uLLam – my mind
azhiyum – is getting destroyed
ennum – she is saying;
pulam – all the senses
kezhu – to attract all senses towards it
poru – rising waves
nIr – having water
putkuzhi – incidents relating to vijayarAghavan emperumAn of thirupputkuzhi
pAdum – she is singing;
nIr malaikku – for thirunIrmalai
pOdhumO – let us go
ennum – she is saying;
kolli – like the doll in kolli mountain
kezhu – best
kulam – born in the clan
kOmaLam – beautiful
valli – one who is tender like a creeper
kodi idai – one who is having waist like a vanji creeper
nedu mazhai – continuously flowing tears, like a torrential rain
kaNNi – having eyes
ilangu – shining
ezhil – beautiful
thOLikku – on the matter of this girl who is having shoulder
en ninaindhirundhAy – what are you thinking?

(leaving paramapadham)
idavendhai – having arrived in thiruvidavendhai
endhai pirAnE – Oh lord of my clan!
sollu – You should mercifully speak a word.

Simple translation

My daughter parakAla nAyaki is saying “My mind is getting destroyed for the sound of flute played from the divine lips of krishNa, the cowherd boy, who is having shining, huge, divine hands having the weapon, plough”; she is singing  incidents relating to vijayarAghavan emperumAn of thirupputkuzhi which is having water with rising waves which attract all senses towards it; she is saying “let us go to thirunIrmalai”; she is born in the best clan like the doll in the kolli mountain, is tender like a beautiful creeper and is having waist like a vanji creeper. Oh lord of my clan! What are you thinking in the matter of this girl who is having eyes where tears are flowing continuously like a torrential rain and is having beautiful shoulder? You should mercifully speak a word.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

alam … – While it is apt for her to hide her mind getting destroyed, she is speaking about the same in front of me who is her mother. alam indicates halam. She is saying “My innocent heart is getting destroyed for the flute sound of krishNa’s divine lips, where he is having well-rounded shoulder which is holding the plough. His flute music will even melt diamond. Ambal is said to be “ilaik kuzhal” (flute made with leaf) also by some. What is the principle behind saying “one who is holding halam” – just as his weapon will destroy his enemies, she is getting destroyed by his flute music. He will play the music to indicate that he could not arrive on time since he was subservient to his parents. As said in SrIvishNu purANam 5.13-17 “jagau kalapadham Sauri: thAra manthra kruthakramam | ramyam gItha dhvanim SruthvA santhyajyAvasathAmsthadhA ||” (krishNa played beautiful music with high and low tones in his flute. The cowherd girls left their homes and arrived at his place on hearing that music). Alternatively – this could be explaining nambi mUththa pirAn’s (balarAma) flute music which precedes krishNa’s arrival, just as the indication in a river bed before a flood.

It appears that emperumAn’s presence in the dhivyadhESams will destroy with even greater force than that flute music. “pulam” could mean fertile land. Alternatively – as she meditated upon emperumAn’s presence in thirupputkuzhi which has abundance of water where waves strike at each other, to attract the senses of those who see it, she is singing out without thinking that I am her mother.

pOdhumO nIr malaikku ennum – She is telling her mother, as if telling her friends, who is trying to stop her thinking “Looking at her stage, she will quickly reach thirupputkuzhi”.

kulam … – There is a doll in kolli mountain; it is totally beautiful in each limb; her greatness, family heritage and tenderness where she cannot be stared at even by well-wishers, are similar to that doll. She is said, as in thiruvAimozhi 7.2.7 “ennudaik kOmaLak kozhundhu” (my tender creeper).

kodi … – For the one who is having a creeper like waist and who is having the eye-glance which, when it hits anyone, will give him/her the experience of being drenched in a rain, and further having shining shoulders which are more beautiful than previously explained aspects.

en … – What are you thinking in the matter of parakAla nAyaki who is matching to you as said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 16.5 “raghavOrhathi vaidhEhim” (SrI rAma suits sIthA pirAtti in all aspects)?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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