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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thuLambadu muRuval thOzhiyarkku aruLAL
thuNai mulai sAndhu koNdu aNiyAL
kuLambadu kuvaLaik kaNNiNai ezhudhAL
kOla nanmalar kuzhaRku aNiyAL
vaLambadu munnIr vaiyam mun aLandha
mAlennum, mAlina mozhiyAL
iLambadi ivaLukku en ninaindhirundhAy?
idavendhai endhai pirAnE!

Word-by-Word meanings

thuLam padu – to defeat pomegranate seeds
muRuval – with the teeth
thOzhiyarkku – in front of her friends
aruLAL – not smiling;
thuNai – having beauty of togetherness
mulai – bosoms
sAndhu koNdu – with sandalwood paste
aNiyAL – not decorating;
kuLam – in pond
padu – present in
kuvaLai – like kuvaLai flower
kaN iNai – in two eyes
ezhudhAL – not applying black pigment;
kOlam – beautiful
nal – distinguished
malar – flowers
kuzhaRku – in the hair
aNiyAL – not wearing;
vaLam – precious items (such as gems)
padu – originating
munnIr – (surrounded) ocean
vaiyam – earth
mun – while going and accepting water from mahAbali
aLandha – measured and accepted
mAl ennum – she says that he is the great one;
mAl – for her love
inam – being a match
mozhiyAL – having speech
iLam padi – tender natured
ivaLukku – on her matter

en ninaindhirundhAy – what are you thinking?

(leaving paramapadham)
idavendhai – having arrived in thiruvidavendhai
endhai pirAnE – Oh lord of my clan!
sollu – You should mercifully speak a word.

Simple translation

She is not smiling at her friends with her teeth which can defeat pomegranate seeds; she is not decorating her bosoms which are beautiful together, with sandalwood paste; she is not applying black pigment in her two eyes which resemble kuvaLai flower in pond; she is not wearing beautiful, distinguished flowers in her hair; she says that emperumAn is the great one who accepted and measured the earth which is surrounded by ocean where precious items originate from, while going and accepting water from mahAbali; what are you thinking in the matter of parakAla nAyaki who is tender natured and whose speech matches her love? Oh lord of my clan who has arrived in thiruvidavendhai! You should mercifully speak a word.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thuLam padu muRuval – thuLam indicates mAdhuLam (pomegranate). That is usually compared to teeth. That is spoken about; [alternative explanation] nanjIyar would mercifully say “A thamizh scholar explains thuLam to be stem of peacock feather”. That is compared in the context of the white colour. padugai – occurring; the smile which reveals the teeth; [that is] when we see the teeth, we are reminded of pomegranate seeds. Alternative explanation – being destroyed; speaking about being won over by the smile. Both these examples are spoken about.

thOzhiyarkku aruLAL – Due to her distress, she will not smile in front of her mothers. Now, this is the main wealth of her lord. He will become engaged with that smile as said in SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 63.12 “kAnthasmithA” (one who has a gentle smile). That smile makes her friends sustain. Thus, she is making her friends who seek her smile, to starve. When she smiles to reveal her joy after uniting with the lord, they will live by having that as their sustenance.

thuNai mulai … – She starved her lord also.

thuNai mulai – Not having any other match, her bosoms can only be compared to each other.

sAndhu koNdu aNiyAL – If only she had set out to decorate her bosoms with sandalwood paste expecting his arrival, he would think “My arrival is desirable for her” and have scope to engage with her. Thus, she is not giving that opportunity to him.

kuLam … – She is not decorating her eyes which resemble kuvaLai flower blossomed from a perennial pond, for the sake of adding auspiciousness. Since these eyes are enjoying emperumAn who is an ocean of qualities which is similar to an ocean of precious gems, they need not be decorated with anything else. Now, the black pigment decoration is to add auspiciousness. Only when she decorates her eyes with black pigment, will he have the opportunity to engage with her. She is not allowing that.

kOlam … – She is not decorating her hair, which is usually decorated with a mix of flowers instead of a single flower, with any flower. Since she is known as said in thiruvAimozhi 10.10.2vAsanjey pUnguzhalAL” (having distinguished, divine hair which brings great fragrance), she need not decorate it separately with flowers, but does so for auspiciousness. Even that is not done now. Her eliminating the decoration for the places which are desirable for the lord, is to eliminate the aspects which sustain him.

vaLam … – emperumAn who commonly protects everyone, is ignoring me.

vaLam padu munnIr – Ocean.

mAl ennum – One who is mad about protecting the entities which are protected by him. He is only ignoring parakAla nAyaki.

mAl ina mozhiyAL – One who has speech which matches her love. It appears as if her love overflowed and became words.

iLam padi ivaLukku – For the one who is in a youthful state. For the one who is tender natured. parakAla nAyaki is more tender than sIthAp pirAtti who was separated from you and placed in aSOka vanam, who still said as in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 30.30 “… thath thasya sadhruSam bhavEth” (it will be appropriate for SrI rAma, who is capable of annihilating enemies, to agitate lankA with his arrows and redeem me). It is well known that parASara bhattar mercifully said – thirumangai AzhwAr’s tenderness is such that he cannot tolerate too much union and too much separation similar to the tender persons who can neither eat more nor less.

ivaLukku … – What are you, who have arrived and mercifully resided in thiruvidvendhai knowing about her nature, to unite with her, thinking in your divine heart?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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