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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pENAdha valiyarakkar meliya anRu peruvaraith thOLiRa neriththu anRu avuNar kOnai
pUNAgam piLaveduththa pOr vallOnaip poru kadaluL thuyil amarndha puLLUrdhiyai
UNAgap pEymulai nanju uNdAn thannai uLLuvAr uLLaththE uRaiginRAnaik
kANAdhu thiridharuvEn kaNdu koNdEn kadipozhil sUzh kadalmallaith thalasayanaththE

Word-by-Word meanings

anRu – when rAvaNa crossed his limits
pENAdha – those did not respect SrI rAma to be sarvESvaran
vali – strong
arakkar – rAkshasas
peru – huge
varai – mountain like
thOL – shoulders
iRa – to break
neriththu – embraced
anRu – when his devotee prahlAdha was harmed
avuNar kOnai – the leader of demons, hiraNya, his
pUN – decorated with ornaments
Agam – chest
pOr – in the battle
piLaveduththa – one who split and threw
vallOnai – one who is capable
poru – having rising waves
kadaluL – in thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
thuyil amarndha – being the one who mercifully rested
puL Urdhiyai – being the one who rides garuda
pEy mulai – present in pUthanA’s bosom
nanju – poison
UNAga – as food which sustains him
uNdAn thannai – being the one who mercifully consumed
uLLuvAr – those who become immersed in him by thinking about his killing of pUthanA
uLLaththu – in the heart
uRaiginRAnai – one who remains firmly
kANAdhu – without seeing
thiridharuvEn nAn – I who searched
kadi – fragrant
pozhil – by garden
sUzh – surrounded
thalasayanaththu – in sthala sayanam (where he rests on the ground)
kadal mallai – in thirukkadalmallai
nAn kaNdu koNdEn – I got to see

Simple translation

SrI rAma embraced the huge mountain like shoulders of the rAkshasas who did not respect him to be sarvESvaran when rAvaNa crossed his limits; when his devotee prahlAdha was harmed, the capable emperumAn split and threw the chest decorated with ornaments of the leader of demons, hiraNya, in the battle; he mercifully rested in thiruppARkadal which has rising waves; he rides garuda; he mercifully consumed the poison which was present in pUthanA’s bosom, as food which sustains him; he remains firmly in the hearts of those who become immersed in him by thinking about his killing of pUthanA; I got to see such sarvESvaran, who was not seen and whom I searched, in sthala sayanam in thirukkadalmallai, which is surrounded by fragrant garden.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pENAdha … – Without respecting him knowing that he is sarvESvaran, the demoniac clan considered their strength and fought him; to destroy such demons. As said in periya thirumozhi 5.7.5 “enganE uyvar dhAnavar ninaindhAl” (how will the demoniac people survive?), only those who remain free from anger like that child [prahlAdhAzhwAn] will survive and how can demoniac persons survive? In this manner, he destroyed the whole demoniac clan; at that time, he embraced the huge mountain like shoulders to break them; one who is well capable in warfare who tore apart the body of hiraNya, the leader of demons whose chest was decorated with ornaments, and threw it.

poru … – One who mercifully rested in thiruppARkadal to perform these tasks.

puL Urdhiyai – When brahmA et al cry out, emperumAn will ride periya thiruvadi (garuda) and appear in front of them – AzhwAr is talking about that.

UNAga … – When pUthanA came in the disguise of his mother and nursed him, just as she could not sustain herself without nursing him, he could not sustain himself without consuming from her bosom – AzhwAr is talking about that.

uLLuvAr … – AzhwAr is talking about emperumAn dealing honestly with those who deal with him honestly and being evil to those who try to harm him. The devotees are only thinking in their heart about how krishNa being very young, was trapped by pUthanA and how he escaped that danger.

kANAdha … – Just as in yAthanA SarIram (body given while reaping the results of the sins in hell, where there is no scope for joy), I, who am roaming around seeking to see you, got to see you, just as a hungry person got fed.

kadi … – AzhwAr is saying- instead of hearing about him in SAsthram and seeing him only in paramapadham [after shedding this body], I got to see him in this same place where I was having the thirst to see him.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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