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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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paLLiyil Odhi vandha than siRuvan vAyil OrAyira nAmam
oLLiyavAgip pOdha Angu adhanukku onRumOr poRuppilanAgi
piLLaiyaich chIRi veguNdu thUN pudaippap piRai eyiRRu anal vizhip pEzhvAy
theLLiya singamAgiya dhEvaith thiruvallikkENik kaNdEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

paLLiyil – in school
Odhi – after studies
vandha – one who came to him
than siRuvan – his son prahlAdhAzhwAn, his
vAyil – divine lips
Or Ayira nAmam – (sarvESvaran’s) one thousand divine names
oLLiyavAgi – beautifully
pOdha – as it came towards him
Angu – there
adhanukku – for reciting such emperumAn’s divine names
onRum Or – even little bit
poRuppu ilan Agi – not having tolerance
piLLaiyai – towards his son
sIRi veguNdu – being very angry
thUN – the pillar (which was laid by himself)
pudaippa – hit (in that)
piRai – like crescent
eyiRu – teeth
anal – fire sparks emitting
vizhi – eyes
pEzhvAy – huge mouth
theLLiya – clear
singam Agiya – one who mercifully incarnated as narasimha
dhEvai – lord
thiruvallikkENik kaNdEnE – I saw in thiruvallikkENi.

Simple translation

prahlAdhAzhwAn, the son of hiraNyAsuran, returned after his studies in school and came to his father, with his divine lips reciting one thousand names of sarvESvara; as those words beautifully came towards hiraNya, unable to tolerate them, he became very angry and hit the pillar; I saw such emperumAn who mercifully incarnated as clear narasimha with crescent like teeth and fire sparks emitting from his eyes and with huge mouth, in thiruvallikkENi.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

paLLiyil Odhi vandha than siRuvan – Whatever is recited by young students will be held on the head with respect. This is prahlAdhAzhwAn’s age now. Further, whatever is spoken by one’s child should be tolerated.

vAyil … – Though he spoke a few names at that age, since his action was beyond his age, AzhwAr lovingly says that he recited one thousand divine names.

oLLiyavAgip pOdha – Since those are the words spoken by his own son, those words will be sweet.

Angu – There.

adhanukku onRum Or poRuppilan Agi – Whateve is spoken by a child in student stage will be dear; whatever is spoken by one’s own child will be sweet; prahlAdhAzhwAn spoke those words which are to be held with reverence on one’s head, even if spoken by an enemy. Due to overwhelming asahyApachAram (unbearable offence), he could not tolerate hearing the divine names and became very angry.

piLLaiyai – hiraNya abandoned his own son just for reciting the divine name. AzhwAr is [lovingly] saying piLLai (son) considering that recital of the divine name as the reason.

veguNdu thUN pudaippa – Knocking the pillar without knowing what to do, due to anger.

piRai … – Having crescent like tooth, fire like eye and widely open mouth.

theLLiya singam – Being narasimha, without stepping back seeing the harsh form, through that revealed that he is the refuge.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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