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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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bAlanAgi gyAlam Ezhum uNdu paNdu Alilai mEl
sAla nALum paLLi koLLum thAmaraik kaNNan eNNil
neelamAr vaNduNdu vAzhum neydhal andhaN kazhani
Ela nARum paimbuRavil evvuL kidandhAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

bAlanAgi – as a small child
gyAlam Ezhum – seven worlds
uNdu – consumed
paNdu – during the deluge
Alilai mEl – on a banyan leaf
sAla nALum – very long time
paLLi koLLum – mercifully rested
eN il – inconceivable
thAmaraik kaNNan – lotus-eyed sarvESvaran
neelam – blue coloured
vaNdu – beetles
neydhal – in water-lily
Ar – being seated
uNdu – drinking (the honey on it)
vAzhum – living
am – beautiful
thaN – cool
kazhani – fertile fields
Elam – fragrance
nARum – blowing
pai – vast
puRavil – having gardens outside
evvuL kidandhAn – reclined in thiruvevvuL

Simple translation

Lotus-eyed sarvESvaran, being inconceivable, being a small child, consumed seven worlds, and mercifully rested on a banyan leaf during the deluge; he has reclined in thiruvevvuL which is having fragrant, vast gardens outside, and beautiful, cool, fertile fields where blue coloured beetles, seated in water-lily and drinking the honey in it, are living.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

bAlanAgi … – Being a very young, nursing toddler [who is so tender that even by slight touch, their skin will ooze blood], in that young state, held all the worlds in his stomach.

paNdu – In that time of deluge when there is none to care for him, on a fresh banyan leaf.

sAla – Even yaSOdhA et al were not there to care for him thinking “the child is sleeping at odd times, what is he doing?” and to wake him up.

eNNil – Joining the un-joinable aspects. If we start thinking about it, it will be impossible to do so.

neelam … – The coastal region where beetles are living, drinking the honey in water-lily flowers. Alternative explanation – neydhal – water-lily.  The beetles which are living on the blue coloured flowers, are drinking honey from the water-lily flower. Another explanation – having beautiful, cool, fertile fields where blue coloured beetles are drinking honey from water-lily flower.

Elam … – In the abode which has very fragrant surroundings, the one who can do miracles, is mercifully resting; those who wake him up and get his help are only lacking.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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