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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pandhaNaindha mel viralAL pAvai than kAraNaththAl
vendhiRal EREzhum venRa vEndhan viripugazh sEr
nandhan maindhanAga Agum nambi namperumAn
endhai thandhai tham perumAn evvuL kidandhAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

pandhu – ball
aNaindha – having
mel – tender
viralAL – having fingers
pAvai than kAraNaththAl – to attain nappinnaip pirAtti who has natural femininity
vem – cruel
thiRal – strong
ERu Ezhum – seven bulls
venRa – killed
vEndhan – being the king
viri – well known
pugazh sEr – having fame
nandhan maindhanAga – being SrI nandhagOpa’s divine son
Agum – placing himself
nambi – being full in all auspicious qualities
nam perumAn – being our lord
endhai thandhai tham perumAn – lord for our clan starting with me, my father and his father
evvuL kidandhAnE – reclined in thiruvevvuL

Simple translation

Placing himself as SrI nandhagOpa’s divine son with well known fame, being the king, [emperumAn] killed seven cruel, strong bulls to attain nappinnaip pirAtti who has natural femininity having tender fingers which are holding on to a ball; being full in all auspicious qualities, being our lord, the lord for our clan starting with me, my father and his father, reclined in thiruvevvuL.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pandhu … – Again AzhwAr reminisces krishNAvathAram. Holding on to the ball to remain attractive for krishNa, but she is having very tender fingers to even hold it. To attain nappinnaip pirAtti who has natural femininity.

vem thiRal … – As she is not born in kshathriya clan, he cannot use bow and arrow to kill. Hence he won over the bulls according to the rules of their clan [by wresting with them]. Killing the bulls, he became the king of that clan.

viri pugazh sEr nandhan – When someone else (vasudhEva and dhEvaki) performed penance, he [nandhagOpan] became famous to enjoy the result of being with krishNa as said in thiruvAimozhi 8.1.3 “eduththa pErALan” (the great ruler who got krishNa as his child).

Agum – He came to exist as said in thaiththirIya upanishath “santhamEnam” (to be existing) only after becoming the divine son of SrI nandhagOpa, to eliminate the defect of being thAnthOnRi (unborn from anyone) without a father.

maindhanAga Agum – [periyavAchchAn piLLai explains the following pAsuram] periya thirumozhi 10.4.8 “undham adigaL munivar” yaSOdhAp pirAtti would say these words to threaten krishNa; since she is his mother, she won’t scold him; hence, your father will scold you. “unnai” – You who are so mischievous and cannot be tolerated. “nAn …” – Showing the stick in her hand, she would say “Look at this, it keeps saying ‘krishNa’ repeatedly, looking for you”; I can use this to beat you to cause pain to you; but I am unable to do so.

nambi – Though he is present with all auspicious qualities in SrivaikuNtam, only after taking birth in this samsAra and standing in a humble manner, he became complete.

nam perumAn – Our lord. The lord of our clan.

evvuL kidandhAnE – Instead of having to pack food for the journey to parampadham, to see emperumAn who is all types of relatives to us, he has reclined in thiruvevvuL to fulfil the responsibilities as relatives to him.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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