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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr is saying “After you killed the bulls and married nappinnaip pirAtti, you have entered my heart. In such case, I don’t know anything other than serving your such family life”.


sEyan aNiyan ena sindhaiyuL ninRa
mAyan maNi vAL oLi veN tharaLangaL
vEy viNdu udhir vEngada mAmalai mEya
Ayan adiyalladhu maRRu aRaiyEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

sEyan – being unreachable (for those who do not surrender)
aNiyan – being easily reachable (for those who surrender)
ena – my
sindhai uL – in mind
ninRa – one who is eternally residing
mAyan – amazing
vEy – bamboos
viNdu – split
udhir – remaining scattered on the ground
oLi – radiance
veN – having whiteness
tharaLangaL – pearls
vAL – radiant
maNi – having precious gems
mA – very glorious
vEngada malai – on thirumalA
mEya – being the one who is firmly residing
Ayan – krishNa, the cowherd’s
adi alladhu – other than the divine feet
maRRu – anything else
aRiyEn – I don’t consider as an entity.

Simple translation

krishNa, the cowherd, is both unreachable and easily reachable. He is the amazing one who is eternally residing in my mind. He is firmly residing in the very glorious thirumalA which is having bamboos which are split and [from those bamboos] radiant white pearls and radiant precious gems are scattered on the ground. I don’t consider anything other than such krishNa’s divine feet as an entity.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sEyan aNiyan – He remains very far away [unreachable] for those who don’t surrender unto him and remains very close [easily reachable] for those who surrender. These two aspects can be observed in the case of pANdavas and dhuryOdhana et al.

When asked “How are you saying that emperumAn will remain subservient to those who desire him?” AzwAr responds,

ena sindhai uL ninRa mAyan – The amazing personality who came to my heart, entered there and eternally resided, though I did not pray for that.

maNi … – vAL = oLi = radiance.

When asked “What do these pearls and gems do?” AzhwAr responds,

maNi vAL oLi veN tharaLangaL – Radiant gems and radiant, white pearls. The bamboos will split open and spill these on the ground. Having such thirumalA as residence.

Ayan – This indicates that he is dear to nappinnaip pirAtti.

adi … – When bhagavAn who has no expectation from anyone enters me without having any other refuge, will I, who am expecting [protection from him], leave him?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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