periya thirumozhi – 1.10.9 – vandhAy en manam

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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vandhAy en manam pugundhAy manni ninRAy!
nandhAdha kozhunjudarE! engaL nambI!
sindhA maNiyE! thiruvEngadam mEya
endhAy! ini yAn unnai yenRum vidEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

nandhAdha – continuous
kozhu – abundant
sudarE – Oh one who is having radiance!
engaL – being able to eliminate shortcomings of ours, we being incomplete
nambI – Oh complete one!
sindhA – (chinthA) just on thinking
maNiyE – Oh precious gem (which will fulfil all desires)!
thiruvEngadam – On vEnkatAchalam
mEya – firmly residing
endhAy – oh my relative!
vandhAy – You arrived (where I am residing);
en manam – in my heart
pugundhAy – you entered;
manni ninRAy – you firmly remained (in my heart);
ini – now onwards
yAn – I
unnai – you who are the benefactor in this manner
enRum – ever
vidEn – will not leave.

Simple translation

Oh one who is continuously having abundant radiance! Oh complete one who is able to eliminate shortcomings of ours, we being incomplete! Oh precious gem which will fulfil all desires just on thinking! Oh my relative who is eternally residing on vEnkatAchalam! You have arrived in my heart; you have entered there and firmly remained there; now onwards, I will never leave you, who are the benefactor in this manner.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vandhAy – While emperumAn was having SrIvaikuNtam as his grand abode, and while AzhwAr was not praying for him to come, he came and entered considering “As we tried to enter AzhwAr’s heart, he did not stop us [so, let us enter his heart]”

manni ninRAy – Previously emperumAn did not enter AzhwAr’s heart, not because of lack of relationship, but due to the lack of acceptance in AzhwAr; but now, he remains firmly in AzhwAr’s heart thinking “if we left now, it will be difficult to enter again”. While remaining in AzhwAr’s heart in this manner, instead of being anguished thinking “We who have SrIvaikuNtam as our grand abode, have become imprisoned in AzhwAr’s heart”, emperumAn considered this residing in AzhwAr’s heart to be an unattainable goal which is accomplished now and remains radiant that he has acquired some wealth which he did not have.

nandhAdha kozhum sudarE – Oh one who is having radiance without any break!

engaL nambI – You are filling me, this deep pit.

sindhA maNiyE – emperumAn thinks “when a chEthana thinks about something to be belonging to me, that is the reason for me to give the same to him”. The precious gem which cannot be given up even after acquiring true knowledge [worldly gem will be given up after acquiring true knowledge].

thiruvEngadam mEya endhAy – Oh one who entered thirumalA, manifested your lordship and made me exclusively exist for you!

ini … – You will not give up your presence for me [in divine abodes]; that being the case, how can I give up my attachment to you which made me exist for you?

enRum … – With this, it is implied that AzhwAr reached up to the state of parabhakthi. parabhakthi is the stage of devotion where one cannot remain separated from bhagavAn even for a fraction of a moment; AzhwAr reached a state where he cannot survive in separation

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