periya thirumozhi – 1.10.10 – villAr mali

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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villAr mali vEngada mAmalai mEya
mallAr thiraL thOL maNivaNNan ammAnaik
kallAr thiraL thOL kaliyan sonna mAlai
vallAr avar vAnavar Aguvar thAmE

Word-by-Word meanings

villAr – the divine hunters who always carry bow
mali – abundant
vEngada mA malai – on thirumalA
mEya – one who is residing firmly
mal Ar – very strong
thiraL – well rounded
thOL – shoulders
maNi – like a blue gem
vaNNan – having divine complexion
ammAnai – on sarvESvaran
kal – rock
Ar – matching
thiraL – well rounded
thOL – having shoulders
kaliyan – AzhwAr
sonna – mercifully spoke
mAlai – this decad which is in the form of a garland
vallAr avar thAm – those who can learn with meanings
vAnavar Aguvar – will get to perform kainkaryam like nithyasUris.

Simple translation

sarvESvaran is firmly residing on thirumalA which has abundance of divine hunters who always carry bow; he is having very strong with well-rounded shoulders and blue gem like divine complexion; AzhwAr who is having rock like well-rounded shoulders, mercifully spoke this decad which is in the form of a garland on such sarvESvaran; those who can learn it with meanings will get to perform kainkaryam like nithyasUris.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

villAr … – bhagavAn, who is served in paramapadham by nithyasUris who care for him very much, unnecessarily doubting his safety, has arrived in this samsAram and is present here; since this is samsAram, doubt for his safety will be natural and necessary; hence, the divine hunters of thirumalA will be alert with their bows and cautiously care for bhagavAn, just as SrI guhapperumAL remained awake and cared for SrI rAma.

mal Ar … – In this manner, they are cautiously protecting the den of a lion. sarvESvaran who is having very strong shoulders and a beautiful form.

kal Ar … – thirumangai AzhwAr’s strong shoulders assure safety of both bhagavAn in thirumalA and those divine hunters who are caring for bhagavAn.

vallAr … – Those who are able to learn these pAsurams, will attain the kainkaryam which is done by nithyasUris to bhagavAn, as their routine.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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