periya thirumozhi – 1.7.2 – alaiththa pEzhvAy

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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alaiththa pEzh vAy vAL eyiRROr kOL ariyAy avuNan
kolaik kaiyALan nenjidandha kUrugirALanidam
malaiththa selsAththeRindha pUsal vanthudivAy kaduppach
chilaik kai vEdar thezhippaRAdha singavEL kunRamE

Word-by-Word meanings

alaiththa – (due to anger) with swaying tongue
pEzh vAy – huge mouth
vAL – radiant
eyiRu – teeth
Or – matchless
kOL – strong
ariyAy – being a lion
kolai – killing others as nature
kaiyALan – having hand
avuNan – hiraNyan’s
nenju – chest
idandha – one who split and threw
kUr ugirALan – sarvESvaran who is having sharp divine nail and is eternally residing
idam – abode
malaiththa – stopped (by hunters)
sel – those who are going on holy pilgrimage
sAththu – group
eRindha – fought
pUsal – in the battle
val – making heavy noise
vAy – having mouth
thudi – hourglass shaped drum
kaduppa – to make noise
silai – bow
kai – having in hand
vEdar – hunters’
thezhippu – noise
aRAdha – going on continuously
singavEL kunRam – singavEL kunRam

Simple translation

Being a matchless, strong lion having huge month with swaying tongue and radiant teeth, sarvESvaran who is having sharp divine nail which by nature is killing others, split the chest of hiraNyan who has the hand which kills others as its nature and threw him down. The abode where he is residing is singavEL kunRam where group of people who are going on holy pilgrimage are fought in battle by hunters who are having hourglass shaped drums which are making heavy noise and a bow in their hands and where the noise of such hunters is going on continuously.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • alaiththa – Being a matchless, strong lion who is having a huge mouth in which the tongue is swaying in anger and touching the teeth and who is having radiant teeth.
  • avuNan kolaik kaiyALan – Worldly people will harm others for the sake of protecting their own children; but for him, instead of that, he ended up harming his own child. hiraNyan had acquired boons from dhEvathAs to harm others and having such act as his routine; the divine abode of sarvESvaran who split the chest of such hiraNyan with his sharp, divine nail.
  • malaiththa … – People will go for holy pilgrimage in many groups; to rob them, the hunters will stop them and attack them; these pilgrims will fight those hunters.
  • eRindha pUsal – eRidhal – idudhal – engaging in fight; the battle where the hunters rob the pilgrims.
  • val thudi vAy kaduppa – As the hourglass shaped drum makes tumultuous noise which will kill those who heard it.
  • silaik kai – The abode where the noise of the hunters who are armed with bow in their hands, will never stop; the fearsome drum in their hands and the tumultuous noise will go on forever. For thirumangai AzhwAr, since these are in the divine abodes which are dear to emperumAn, everything such as the noise of the hunters’ drum or the noise of their robbery, is desirable. For AzhwAr, there is no difference between the anger of narasimha, the anger of the hunters and their act of robbery.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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