mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 85 – kaviyinAr kai punaindhu

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If emperumAn cannot be known by anyone, just as mentioned by nammAzhwAr in his thiruvAimozhi 3-1-7vAzhththuvAr palarAga”, if all the people in the world join together, is it possible to know him? AzhwAr responds, saying, even if all the people in the world join together, and with the help of their senses and power, if they praise him, he will be beyond the level in which they are. Isn’t that how his matter is!

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kaviyinAr kai punaindhu kaNNAr kazhal pOy
seviyinAr kELviyarAych chErndhAr puviyinAr
pORRiyuraikkap poliyumE pinnaikkA
ERRuyirai attan ezhil

Word by Word Meanings

kaviyinAr – those who worship with hymns in praise
kai punaindhu – joining the plams together in anjali pose
kaN – their eyes
Ar kazhal pOy – getting to (his) fulsome divine feet
seviyinAr kElviyarAy – being as people with lot of knowledge through listening [to gyAnis, wise people]
sErndhAr – those who join together
puviyinAr – people of this world
pORRi uraikka – even if they sing in praise (together)
pinnaikkAy ERu uyirai attAn ezhil poliyumE – will it mean that the beauty of emperumAn, who killed seven bulls for winning the hand of nappinnaip pirAtti, has been greatly described? (no, it will not)


kaviyinAr kai punaindhu – reciting great hymns through mouth and praising, with folded hands. Being without ego, worshipping emperumAn through singing hymns with their mouths and carrying out anjali (folding palms together).

kaN Ar kazhal pOy – eyes reaching the divine beautiful feet of emperumAn. Approaching the divine feet which have unlimited sweetness.

seviyinAr kELviyarAych chErndhAr puviyinAr – All the people of the world, listening to his auspicious qualities which are sweet to hear.

pORRi uraikkap poliyumE – Even if all the people join together and with auspicious verses praise him, is it possible to see emperumAn? Even if every person in the world, using the knowledge and strength that each person has been given by emperumAn, praises him in a single voice, wouldn’t emperumAn’s greatness go beyond that!

poliyumE – we can construe the meaning for this as – will it create a greatness which wasn’t there in front of emperumAn! mahAbhAratham karNa parvam Slokam says “vashAyudhair yasya guNA na SakyA vakthum samEthairapi sarvalOkai:” (whose auspicious qualities cannot be spoken of even if all the people of the world join together for ten thousand years). Is it that all of his qualities cannot be spoken of this way [by all the people speaking together for long periods]? AzhwAr says that it is not that way; even one of his qualities cannot be spoken of, in this way.

pinnaikkA ERRuyirai attAn ezhil – the fulsome beauty of one who killed seven bulls which were a hurdle for him in uniting with nappinnaip pirAtti.

puviyinAr pORRi uraikkap poliyumE – is it possible to speak of the beautiful marriage that he had with nappinnai and of his single activity of killing the bulls for her sake?

We will move on to the 86th pAsuram next.

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