mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 84 – uLanAya nAnmaRaiyin

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AzhwAr says that emperumAn, who can be known only through vEdhas (sacred texts), cannot be seen by anyone. Even those who have said that they have seen him, have only composed poems on him and have not seen him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

uLanAya nAnmaRaiyin utporuLai uLLaththu
uLanAgath thErndhuNarvarElum uLanAya
vaNdAmarai nedungaN mAyavanai yAvarE
kaNdAr ugappar kavi

Word by Word Meanings

nAnmaRaiyin – the four vEdhas’ (sacred texts’)
uL poruL – the dwelling meanings
uLanAyavanai – emperumAn who remains
uLLaththu uLanAga – staying inside the heart
thErndhu – knowing
uNarvar Elum – if (a few wise people) desire to know
vaN thAmarai – like beautiful lotus flower
nedum kaN – having wide eyes
mAyavan – as an amazing entity
uLanAyavanai – that emperumAn who remains
kaNdAr yAvarE – who has seen fully (none)
kavi ugappar – they will merely praise him through hymns and feel happy.


uLanAya nAnmaRaiyin utporuLaiemperumAn, who remains as the inner meanings of vEdhAntham (upanishaths, the end portions of vEdhas, the sacred texts). Isn’t emperumAn remaining as the inner meanings of the four vEdhas! He has been established by the vEdhas which have not been written by any one person and hence are faultless.

uLLaththu uLanAgath thErndhu uNarvarElum – Even if people say that such emperumAn, who can be heard only through authentic texts, is residing in their hearts. Even if they carry out karmayOgam (through the means of carrying out deeds as ordained) fully and as a result of that, attaining gyAnayOgam (through the means of knowledge) and through that gyAnayOgam if they attain emperumAn…..

uLanAya vaNdAmarai nedungaN mAyavanai – one who has a beautiful form fit to be enjoyed by followers. One who has amazing powers. One who has famed beauty of the eyes as mentioned by vedhas. chAndhOgya upanishath 1-6-7 says “yathA kapyAsam puNdarIkamEvamakshiNI”(his eyes are like the lotus blossomed by sun). AzhwAr talks about the beauty of the form revealed to him by emperumAn.

yAvarE kaNdAr – who is fortunate to see him? Didn’t those who said that they had seen him, see him really?

ugappar kavi – even such people who claimed to have seen him said so in order to realise their svarUpam (basic nature),sang hymns on him and became happy; but did they really see him? They merely praised him and felt happy. In order to carry out something in matters relating to emperumAn, they expressed their desire through their compositions. AzhwAr says that they too were not able to see him.

We will take up the 85th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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