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AzhwAr says that it is not possible to estimate emperumAn’s characteristics, his divine form, his qualities etc. With the help of similes, we can compare to an extent. Even though his divine beauty cannot be experienced, it would be such that it cannot be given up. For someone who wishes to see the divine form of emperumAn, clouds will show his form. There is a benefit of living too, in this world. AzhwAr says that one can look at the clouds which are a simile to emperumAn’s divine form.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

Ezhil koNda minnuk kodiyeduththu vEgath
thozhil koNdu thAn muzhangith thOnRum ezhil koNda
nIr megamanna nedumAl niRam pOlak
kAr vAnam kAttum adhu

Word by Word Meanings

ezhil koNda min kodi eduththu – holding the beautiful lightning as flag
vEgam thozhil koNdu – keeping as its job, the act of moving fast
muzhangith thOnRum – appearing as roaring
kAr vAnam – the sky during monsoon
ezhil koNda – having beauty
nIrmEgam anna – appearing like the rainy cloud
nedumAl niRam pOla kalandhu kAttum – it will aptly display the divine complexion of emperumAn


ezhil koNdu minnuk kodi eduththu – having as his flag, the beautiful lightning.

vEgath thozhil koNdu thAn muzhangith thOnRum – one which has its job the action of moving rapidly and which makes a loud noise

ezhil koNda nIr mEgamanna nedumAl niRam pOla – having as complexion the colour of emperumAn who appears to have drunk the monsoon clouds up to his neck [such dark]. Just as it is mentioned in nArAyaNa sUktham “neelathOyadha madhyasthA vidhyullEkEva bhAsvarA” (shining like lightning which has drunk the blue coloured clouds).

kArvAnam kAttum kalandhu – the cloud, during monsoon time, will manifest the complexion of emperumAn. Sky, which has the cloud which moves rapidly and which makes a roaring noise, will display emperumAn’s complexion.

kalandhu kAttum – both the sky and cloud will show together. It is not that only the sky showed or that only the cloud showed. Both sky and cloud, which are blended together, will show the divine complexion of emperumAn. AzhwAr says that if the sky has clouds which appear to have been released from a bow and which roar loudly, it will appear like the divine complexion of emperumAn.  In that the case, the term ezhil koNda would be an adjective for lightning. If the text is ezhil koNdu minnuk kodi eduththu the meaning will change as – the monsoon clouds which are beautiful will have lightning as flag. Then, ezhil koNdu will be an adjective for monsoon clouds.

We will take up the 87th pAsuram next.

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