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AzhwAr tells us that before we attain hell we should worship emperumAn who has unlimited sweetness and who removes our enemies.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kadidhu kodunaragam piRkAlum seygai
kodidhenRadhu kUdA munnam vadisangam
koNdAnaik kUndhal vAy kINdAnaik kongai nanju
uNdAnai EththuminO uRRu

Word by Word Meanimg

kodu naragam – the cruel hell
kadidhu – will be so horrible that we cannot even see it
piRkAlum – on top of that
seygai – the activities (of yama and his followers there)
kodidhu – cannot be borne
enRu – knowing thus
adhu kUdA munnam – before that event happens [to us]
vadi sangam koNdAnai – one who has the sharp conch in his divine hand
kUndhal vAy kINdAnai – one who destroyed the demon kESi by tearing apart his mouth
kongai nanju uNdAnai – emperumAn who drank the poison from the bosom (of demon pUthanA)
uRRu – attain him
eththumin – worship him


kadidhu kodu naragam – the cruel hell will be horrible even to look at.

piRkAlum seygai kodidhu – the activities there will be even more horrible. The followers of yama will indulge in activities such as throwing people in a river of blood, throwing them over grass which will be sharper than sword etc.

piRkAlum seygai kodidhu – more than seeing hell, seeing their activities there will be even more horrible. Their [followers of yama] grotesque forms will be terrible to look at. piRkAlum means on top of that. Have the cruelties in hell not been mentioned in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 4-5-7 “thennavanthamar seppamilAdhAr sEvadhakkuvAr pOlap pugundhu pinnum vankayiRRAl piNiththeRRip pin munnAga izhuppadhan munnam” (the followers of yama, who do not have any finesse in their actions, will drive the soul as if they are driving oxen; they will drag the soul upside down with their ropes)!

kodidhenRu – thinking that as being very cruel

adhu kUdA munnam – before reaching that place [hell]

vadi sangam koNdAnai – one who has the sharp SrI pAnchajanyam (divine conch) on his divine hand. Do we need to talk about its sharpness since it is a weapon! Or, if we take the sound emanating from the conch as referring to its sharpness, then we can say that this talks about the greatness of conch whose sound can kill the enemies. Has it not been mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 1-19sa ghOshO dhArthrAshtrANAm hrudhayAni vyadhArayath” (the sound of krishNa’s conch tore the hearts of dhrutharAshtra’s sons). Or, we can construe that the word vadi also refers to its beauty. In other words, one who has the beautiful conch in his divine hand.

kUndhal vAy kINdAnai – one who tore the mouth of the demon kESi who came in the form of a horse. Horse is referred to us kUndhalmA [animal with hair]. Since horse has hair on the nape of its neck, it is referred to as kUndhal.

kongai nanju uNdAnai – one who killed pUthanA. emperumAn killed kESi in later years while he killed pUthanA as an infant. Isn’t destroying enemies a natural act for him!

EththuminO uRRu – think of him through your heart and praise him with your mouth. After knowing that hell is horrible, if you worship him who removes enemies, he will remove the hurdle ‘hell’ for us.

kadidhu kodu naragam – wasn’t even dharmaputhra [yudhishtra] bewildered after seeing hell!

We shall move on to the 94th pAsuram.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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