iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi – 92 – adiyAL mun

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AzhwAr says that if we attain him, we will get all the benefits. He says that we have to attain him not only for not going to hell [as mentioned in the previous pAsuram], but also for getting desired benefits.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

adiyAl mun kanjanaich cheRRu amarar Eththum
padiyAn kodi mEl puL koNdAn nediyAn than
nAmamE EththumingaL EththinAl thAm vEndum
kAmamE kAttum kadidhu

Word by Word Meanimg

mun – before (kamsa could harm him)
adiyAl – with his divine feet
kanjanai – kamsa
seRRu – killed him by kicking
amarar Eththum padiyAn – one who is worshipped by dhEvas
kodi mEl puL koNdAn – one who has garuda on his flag
nediyAN than – sarvESvaran who has a deep memory
namamE – reciting his divine names
EththumingaL – worship him
EththinAl – if (you) worship him like this
thAm vENdum kAmam – the benefit that one desires
kadidhu – quickly
kAttum – (the divine names will) grant


adiyAlemperumAn stamped on kamsa’s chest with his divine feet.

adiyAl – he jumped on kamsa with his beautiful, divine feet. He had to keep his divine feet on his enemy kamsa when he should have kept them elsewhere [refers to keeping them on soft, fragrant lotus flower].

mun kanjanaich cheRRu – he sought out kamsa who wanted to cheat him and did to him what kamsa wanted to do to him [i.e. killed him].

amamrar Eththum padiyAn – since kamsa was killed, dhEvas such as brahmA et al were very happy that they had got back their tenements and praised emperumAn. Weren’t they the ones who lost their possessions because of kamsa!

kodi mEl puL koNdAn – he has a flag only for protecting others.

kodi mEl puL koNdAn – he is said to have periya thiruvadi (garuda) on his flag. Isn’t emperumAn the one who has a unique identification for himself with one who came and attained him!

nediyAn than nAmamE EththumingaL – recite the divine names of one who has a deep memory and who will not ever forget us even if we recite his names just once and forget. Isn’t he the one who said in mahAbhAratham uththara kANdam 47-22 “gOvindhEthi yadhAgrandhath krishNa mAm dhUravAsinam ruNam pravrudhdhamivamE hrudhayAnnApasarppathi” (the cry-out of dhraupadhi when she called “gOvindha!” when I was very far away, has not left my heart even after so many years, and remains as interest on interest for a debt taken)! nediyAn can also mean supreme being.

EththinAL thAm vENdum kAmamE kAttum kadidhu – it will grant you all your wishes. It will give you everything including removing your hurdles, wealth, kaivalyam (soul enjoying itself) and emperumAn himself .

kadidhu – unlike worshipping other deities where the benefit will come much delayed, here the benefit will be granted immediately. kadidhu could also mean ”worship him immediately”.

We shall take up the 93rd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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