mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 49 – magizhalagonRE poL

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AzhwAr says in this pAsuram that irrespective of whatever means people employ, apart from those who develop hatred for worldly pursuits and attain him, others cannot see him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

magizh alagu onRE pOl mARum pal yAkkai
negizha muyalgiRpArkkallAl mugizh virindha
sOdhi pOl thOnRum sudar pon nedu mudi em
Adhi kANbArkkum aridhu

Word by Word Meanings

magizh alagu onRE pOl – just as the seed of the magizham tree (a kind of flower bearing tree with sweet fragrance) can be kept in a very restricted location as well as in an expansive location
mARum pal yAkkai – with various forms which keep changing constantly
negizha – to be rid of
muyalgiRpArkku allAl – other than those who attempt to
kANbaArkkum – the others who desire to see
mugizh virindha sOdhi pOl thOnRum – that which appears like a brightened radiance
sudar pon nedu mudi – the one who has radiant, beautiful and large crown
em Adhi – sarvESvaran (supreme being), who is the cause for my existence
aridhu – is rare to attain.


magizh alagu onRE poL mARum pal yAkkai – in maths, the seed of the magizham (bearing flowers with a sweet fragrance) tree can be placed either in a very small area or in a very large area. In the same way, the AthmA (soul) based on its past deeds, can enter either the form of an ant or the form of a brahmA (one who creates all the worlds at the command of emperumAn) and takes birth repeatedly for innumerable times. nammAzhwAr mercifully spoke of the same concept in thiruviruththam 95 “yAdhAnum Or Akkaiyil pukku” (entering in some form or the other).

negizha muyalgiRpArkku allAl – apart from those who make an attempt to get rid of such births, emperumAn cannot be seen by the others. These forms [physical bodies inside which the soul pervades] have a special property. They will desire those who desire them. They will not like those who do not like them. There is nothing softer than a body. AzhwAr says that those who develop a hatred for worldly pursuits and who develop a desire to envision emperumAn can easily see him.

mugizh virindha sOdhi pOl thOnRum sudar pon nedu mudi em AdhiAdhi means the causative factor for all. emperumAn’s crown has a radiance that has just blossomed, is very beautiful to look at and points out that he is the Lord of all.

kANbArkkum aridhu – even for those who desire to see him, unless they rid themselves of desire for worldly pursuits, it is very difficult to see him. Even if one were to think “Isn’t he ours! Is it difficult to see him! “as mentioned above, unless the desire in worldly pursuits is eradicated totally, it is very difficult to see him.

Adhi – He is such an entity who gives us physical forms, gives us sensory perceptions, awaits our consent for him to uplift us, expectantly awaits to accept our service to him after we have rid ourselves of our connection with this world. He will not show himself up to those who still desire worldly pursuits. Thus the opinion here is that unless we remove our desire for worldly pleasures, we cannot attain him.

We shall take up the 50th pAsuram next.

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