mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 48 – kazhal onReduththu

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AzhwAr tells his heart “Oh heart! We do not have to observe the difficult-to-practice controls of sensory perceptions etc. Since emperumAn comes to where we are and offers himself to us, you try and enjoy him with affection”

Let us enjoy the pAsuram and its meanings.

kazhal onRu eduththu oru kai suRRi Or kai mEl
suzhalum surAsurargaL anja azhalum
seruvAzi  EndhinAn sEvadikkE sella
maruvAzhi nenjE magizhndhu

Word by Word Meanings

Azhi nenjE – Oh my heart, which is as deep as the ocean!
kazhal onRu – one leg of namuchi [son of mahAbali]
eduththu – taking hold of
oru kai – with one divine hand
suRRi – spinning him around
suzhalum – (demons who were) scared (as to what will happen)
sura asurargaL – both celestial persons and demons
anja – to be afraid of
Or kai mEl – on top of the other hand
azhalum – glowing red hot
seru Azhi EndhinAn – emperumAn who is holding his sudharSana chakkara (disc)
sEvadikkE sella – to attain his fresh divine feet
magizhndhu maruvu – enjoy with happiness


kazhal onRu eduththu oru kai suRRi – he stretched one divine leg and spun around his enemies with one divine hand. Alternatively, we can consider that he took hold of one leg of mahAbali’s son namuchi and spun him around with one divine hand and threw him.

Or kai mEl azhalum seru Azhi EndhinAnemperumAn’s sudharSana chakkaram (divine disc) spits fire on both dhEvas (celestial entities) who are loving towards emperumAn and are fearful about any danger that may happen to him and demons, who are out to cause harm to emperumAn, without any difference, due to his deep affection for emperumAn.  emperumAn holds such divine disc which is always battle ready, on his other divine hand. emperumAn’s action then was such that his followers were afraid of any harm that could befall him and his enemies were afraid as to what harm he will create for them! On my heart! Proceed towards his divine feet to attain them. It is enough if you do not reject his divine feet when they come on their own towards you.

Azhi nenjE – Oh my heart! You are as deep as the ocean. When you are ready to attain emperumAn’s  divine feet, do not do that as a routine.

magizhndhu maruvu – attain his divine feet with total affection.  Will you not feel happy and enjoy emperumAn  when he removes our enemies and offers his divine feet to us by coming to us, and who also feels exhilarated that he has now attained us?

Let us take up the 49th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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