upadhEsa raththina mAlai – 10

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImath varavaramunayE nama:

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pAsuram 10

kArththigaiyil rOhiNi nAL kANmin inRu kAsiniyIr
vAyththa pugazhp pANar vandhu udhippAl – AththiyargaL
anbudanE thAn amalanAdhipirAn kaRRadhar pin
nangudanE koNdAdum nAL                                                               10


Word by word meaning

vayththa – having apt  (porundhiya)
pugazh – glory, (pugazh)
vandhu udhippAl – because of his coming here and incarnating,
AththiyargaL – those having Arththi (interest/love)
anbudanE – would, with love
kaRRu – learn and practice
amalanAdhipirAn – the prabandham amalanAdhipirAn,
adhaRkup pin – and after that
koNdAdum – would celebrate
nangudanE – well
nAL – that the day is
inRu – today;
kAsiniyIr – Oh those on this earth!
kANmin – notice that it is
kArththikaiyil – the month of kArththikai
rOhiNi – and star day of rOhiNi.


Now, since after the star day of kArththikai it is rOhiNi, and since the month of this AzhvAr is also of kArththikai, for that sequence, and since the day of rOhiNi in kArththikai month is when thiruppANAzhvAr incarnated, it is loved by those who accept the vEdhas (Asthika) and is celebrated, says maNavALa mAmunigaL.

kArththikaiyil rOhiNi nAL kAnmin inRu kAsiniyeer He advised to his mind in the previous pAsuram, and in this again he is advising to the common man of the world (loukikar), with the wish in his mind that they (we) would be agreeable and go along with him.

rOhiNi nALis the star day that krishNan incarnated. This AzhvAr is having his mind attracted to that krishNan, “kOvalanAi veNNai uNda vAyan en uLLam kavarndhAnai [amalanAdhipirAn – 10]” (as a cowherd, ‘mouth person’ having the butter he ate;  one who stole my heart..). So, his star day also became that itself.

Not only that, thirukkOttiyUr nambi from whom the meanings of charama slOkam started to spread, also incarnated in rOhiNi star day in the month of vaikAsi (vaisAkha). As is said of him ‘uRiyil veNNaiyOdu iyaluNda oruvanaip pOl avadhariththAr’ (incarnated like one who along with butter from the sling, ate the iyal (prabandham?) as well), so (since all three are related to krishNan), this is of muppuri (all three auspicious events happening in similar fashion).

When is this triple special day?

inRu kANmin it is today, see this, you all!

Not some other day, like said in ‘ayam mAsa:’ (ayOdhyA kANtam 3-4), it is today!

He (maNavALa mAmunigaL) is having extreme love, that even though it (incarnation?) was in the past, he is saying it as present day.  Like one would show huge stash of money, he is showing it as if it is in the front, saying, see this (day)!

kAsiniyeer – showing it not for one or two persons, but like said in ‘yadhi kaschin mumukshu: syAth’ (if there is any mumukshu present..), due to his love, he is preaching to the whole country.

Would you not explain the reason for this day’s greatness?

He replies: vAyththa pugazhp pANar vandhu udhippAl (due to incarnation of thiruppANAzhvAr who is having apt glory) – vAyththa pugazh is – glory that matches the svarUpam (nature); that is, having the humbleness that is required to match being naturally subservient, is present in him as part of his birth (in fifth varNam), and so (emperumAn) making srI lOka sAranga muni carry AzhvAr by head as his vAhanam (vehicle/carrier), and accepted AzhvAr – having such glory.

It is said – ‘pAriyalum pugazh pAN perumAL [rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi – 11]’ (~ his glory and auspicious quality have spread in the world, such thiruppANAzhvAr).

pANar vandhu udhippAl – Similar to what is said in ‘Ethath sAma gAyan nAsthE [thaiththiriya upanishath – bruguvalli – 10) (he is reciting/singing sAma vEdham) which is the action of mukthas (those in parama padham), here AzhvAr is doing the services with his pAN type songs to periya perumAL; and doing that is his identity.

thiruppANAzhvAr-uraiyUr-Nov-2015-BharathwajthiruppANAzhvAr at uRaiyUr during his yearly star day (thirunakshathram day)!

vandhu udhippAl (periya perumAL) is ‘aNdarkOn aNi arangan [amalanAdhipirAn – 10]’ (~ king of the mukthas, and is here the beautiful ranganAthan), so for singing about Him, one of them from there has incarnated here, so it seems;

So it is said ‘AththiyargaL koNdAdum nAL’ (day that is celebrated by those who believe/accept the vEdhas etc.) – those people are – like lOka sAranga mahAmuni, they cherish periya perumAL who is in the archA form (statue) and whose truth can be understood (pramEya bhUthar), and cherish the best in pramANam (reference) amalanAdhipirAn which is in beautiful/pure thamizh which was created because of knowing Him, which is the prabandham of thiruppANAzhvAr, be well versed in it, and respect thiruppANAzhvAr who remembers his humble status , avoid what is seen in him just on the outside, but be with limitless love towards the AzhvAr, be in this AzhvAr’s feet like said in ‘pAttinAl kaNdu vAzhum pANar thAL paravinOmE [amalanAdihpirAn thaniyan]’;

anbudanE thAn amalanAdhipirAn kaRRadhar pinAs said about thiruppANAzhvAr in ‘seeriya nAn maRaich chemporuL senthamizhAl aLiththa [rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi – 11]’, he gave the essence of the four vEdhas in virtuous thamizh, that is praNavam (Om) having three letters (a, u, ma) by placing those as first letter of the first three pAsurams (amalanAdhipirAn, uvandha uLLaththanAi, mandhi pAi), and he sang about emperumAn who is talked about by that praNavam when standing under the vimAnam (roof of sanctum sanctorum) that stands for praNavam, and was immersed in Him singing about starting from His divine feet up to His divine head – thinking of all of these glories of AzhvAr, learn in proper way of letting AchAryan recite and repeat after him; after that –

nangudanE koNdAdum nAL – they would be trustful of such pramANams, be Asthikas, be motivated by its instructions, think about them as helpful for the well-being, and celebrate that day (of AzhvAr’s incarnation).

So maNavALa mAmunigaL says (to us) – you too be Asthika, and trust my words, and establish these in your mind.

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English Translation: raghurAm srInivAsa dhAsan

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