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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thanjam ivarkku en vaLaiyum nillA
nenjamum thammadhE sindhiththERku
vanji marungul nerunga nOkki
vAy thiRandhu onRu paNiththadhu uNdu
nanjamudaiththu ivar nOkkum nOkkam
nAn ivar thammai aRiya mAttEn
anjuvan maRRu ivarAr kol? enna
attabuyakaraththEn enRArE

Word-by-Word meanings

en – my
vaLaiyum – bangles
thanjam – surely
ivarkku – for him
nillA – they are not staying (they are slipping)
sindhiththERku – I have analysed this, my
nenjamum – heart
thammadhE – is his;
vanji – like a tender creeper named nIr vanji
marungul – waist
nerunga – to become weak
nOkki – saw
vAy thiRandhu – opening his divine mouth
paNiththadhu – mercifully spoke
onRu uNdu – there was a very secretive meaning
nOkkum nOkkam – his vision
nanjum udaiththu – appears to be poisoned;
nAn – I
ivar thammai – him
aRiya mAttEn – unable to know;
maRRu – further (as soon as I saw him)
anjuvan – became fearful;
ivar Ar kol? enna – when asked “Who is he?”
attabuyagaraththEn – I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram
enRAr – mercifully said

Simple translation

My bangles are surely not staying on my hands, for him; for me who has analysed this, my heart is his; he saw me to make my waist which is like a tender creeper named nIr vanji, become weak; when he opened his divine mouth and mercifully spoke, there was a very secretive meaning; his vision appears to be poisoned; I am unable to know him; further, I became fearful; when asked “Who is he?”, he mercifully said “I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram”.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thanjam … – Surely, my bangles will stay on my hand, for him; they are his, but were just having my hand as their residence. SrI vishNu purANam 5.18.29 “Saithilyam upayAnthyASu karEshu valayAnyapi” (As krishNa left, our bangles also left us). Just like him, the bangles also are not sticking to me. They are comparable to his previous actions.

en vaLaiyum – It is only my bewilderment which made me think they are mine; as soon as he came near, they became his.

Even if the external items are like this, I thought “Will the internal aspects remain with me?”

nenjamum thammadhE sindhiththERku – (thiruvAimozhi 7.9.10uRReNNil adhuvumaRRAngavan thannadhu” (if we aptly tried to determine [offering] my soul as the favour in return, in that state of favouring in return, since that soul is exclusively subservient to him)) While superficially it remained as mine, when I analysed, the ornament inside (mind) is also his.

vanji … – Already the waist remains very fragile that those who touch it will be blamed saying “cracked it; broke it”. Instead of showing mercy on it, stared at it to weaken it further.

vAy … – I cannot reveal to you what he said during uruvu veLippAdu (visualisation). While the words which were spoken remain, she is focussing on how he opened his mouth and spoke and hence saying “vAy thiRandhu“.

onRu – Even now, if he says it, I can say the same. I cannot remember the same and repeat afterwards. It is implied that he said something along the lines of “looks like your waist is breaking, can I embrace you to stop your waist from breaking?”

nanjam … – His vision seems to finish us at the end. Looks like he was trying to execute what he was saying. It looks like he is thinking to materialise the words he spoke and make it happen.

nAn … – I am unable to know whether he is trying to protect us or kill us.

anjuvan – His words are not bad; still when I looked at both him and me, I am becoming fearful.

When asked “Who is he?”

attabuyagaram – Don’t fear for me hearing my words; he said “to eliminate your fear, I am here as one amongst all of you”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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