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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


mEvi eppAlum viNNOr vaNanga
vEdham uraippar munnIr madandhai
dhEvi appAl adhir sangam ippAl
sakkaram maRRivar vaNNam ennil
kAvi oppAr kadalEyum oppAr
kaNNum vadivum nediyarAy en
Avi oppAr ivarAr kol? enna
attabuyakaraththEn enRArE

Word-by-Word meanings

viNNOr – nithyasUris
eppAlum – in all directions
mEvi – remaining firmly
vaNanga – worshipped
vEdham – with vEdhams
uraippar – will praise;
munnIr – born in thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
madandhai – periya pirAttiyAr
dhEvi – remains his crowned consort;
adhir – tumultuous
sangam – SrI pAnchajanyAzhwAn
appAl – present in his left side;
sakkaram – thiruvAzhiyAzhwAn (chakra)
ippAl – present in his right side;
maRRu – further
ivar – his
vaNNam – complexion
eNNil – if we analysed and tried to speak about it
kAvi – the colour of karuneydhal flower [blue Indian water-lily]
oppAr – matching
kadal – the colour of ocean
oppAr – matching
kaNNum – in the beauty of his divine eyes
vadivum – in the beauty of his divine form
nediyarAy – being immeasurable
en – for me
Avi oppAr – is like my life;
ivar Ar kol? enna – when asked “Who is he?”
attabuyagaraththEn – I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram
enRAr – mercifully said

Simple translation

Remaining firmly in all directions, nithyasUris worship him and will praise him with vEdhams; periya pirAttiyAr who is born in thiruppARkadal, remains his crowned consort; tumultuous SrI pAnchajanyAzhwAn is present in his left side; thiruvAzhiyAzhwAn is present in his right side; further, if we analysed his complexion and tried to speak about it, his complexion matches the colour of karuneydhal flower and ocean and the beauty of his divine eyes and divine form are immeasurable; when such emperumAn who is like my life was asked “Who is he?” he mercifully said “I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram”.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mEvi … – brahmA et al will not have their feet planted on the ground [since they detest the smell of earth]. nithyasUris who cannot tolerate the smell of such brahmA et al, remained in all directions and interact with him as in paramapadham.

vEdham uraippar – Whatever he says become vEdham.

munnIr madandhai dhEvi – munnIr madandhai could mean either periya pirAttiyAr [born in milk ocean] or SrI bhUmip pirAttiyAr [earth surrounded by ocean].

appAl adhir sangam – In the context of SrI bhUmip pirAttiyAr, the conch is blowing in that earth; in context of periya pirAttiyAr, the tumultuous conch is in the opposite side of where she is standing with emperumAn [periya pirAttiyAr resides on the right side of his chest and conch is held on the left hand, by emperumAn].

ippAl chakkaram – When one stands in one side, the other side is said to be “ippAl”.

maRRu … – When we see his complexion, it resembles that of karuneydhal flower and ocean.

kaN … – There is no match for his eyes and form; only when there is a boundary for the eyes, will there be such boundary for his form.

en Avi … – He remained in a manner that one cannot survive in his separation.

attabuyagaram – What you have said is not correct? emperumAn said “Have you not heard in SrI bhagavath gIthA 7.18gyAni thvAthmaiva mE matham’ (but the gyAni is the one who sustains (me) – this is my principle)?” He is saying “I cannot sustain without you”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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