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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pugarAr uruvAgi munindhavanaip pugazh vIda munindhu uyir uNdu asuran
nagarAyina pAzh pada nAmam eRindhu adhuvanRiyum venRikoL vAL avuNan
pagarAdhavan Ayira nAmam adip paNiyAdhavanaip paNiyAl amaril
nigarAyavan nenjidandhAn avanukku idam mAmalaiyAvadhu nIrmalaiyE

Word-by-Word meanings

Ar – great
pugar – having radiance
uruvAgi – having such form
munindhavanai – hiraNyAksha who showed anger (saying “who is greater than I?”)
pugazh vIda – to have (his) fame destroyed
munindhu – mercifully showed anger
uyir – (his) prANa (vital air)
uNdu – destroyed
asuran – the demon, his
nagarAyina – capital cities
pAzh pada – to become ruins
nAmam eRindhu – (destroyed) to make even his name erased;
adhu anRiyum – further
venRi koL – being victorious
vAL – having the sword as his protective companion
Ayiram nAmam pagarAdhavan – one who cannot recite even one among the thousand names (of emperumAn)
adi – at the divine feet
paNiyAdhavan – being the one who did not bow down
amaril – in the battle
nigarAyavan – opposed
avuNananai –  hiraNya, the demon’s
nenju – chest
paNiyAl – as per the words of prahlAdhan (to do good for him)
idandhAnavanukku – one who tore it down
idam Avadhu – the abode
mA – best
malai – hill
nIr malai – thirunIrmalai

Simple translation

emperumAn mercifully showed his anger to have the fame of hiraNyAksha, the demon who is having a greatly radiant form and who showed anger, destroyed, to turn his capital cities in to ruins and to even make his name erased; further, emperumAn tore down the chest of hiraNya, the demon, who is victorious, who cannot recite even one among the thousand names, who did not bow down at the divine feet, and who opposed in the battle, as per the words of prahlAdhan; the abode of such emperumAn, is the best hill, thirunIrmalai.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pugar … – This incident could be related to pauNdrakan or hiraNyAkshan. It is said that pauNdrakan made his form look like krishNa’s divine form which is in pure sathva (goodness), infinitely radiant, and wandered around. When this is related to hiraNyAksha, he is verily indicated in that manner. Showing his anger to eliminate the bewilderment about the identity of the self for the one who had a radiant form. He built many cities; to turn those cities into ruins and destroyed him so that even the trace of his name ceases to exist.


venRi … – One who never retracts until he wins, and one who considers the boons of the dhEvathAs as his strength. pagarugai – reciting, he did not recite even one among the thousand divine names; that is – one who could not recite. Further, he also did not bow at the divine feet of emperumAn and surrender unto him.

paNiyAl … – On the words of SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn. As SrI rAma obeyed the words of sugrIva as in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 1.70 “sugrIva vachanAth” (as per the words of sugrIva), here as per the humble words of SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn. SrI vishNu purANam 1.20.21 “math pithu: thath krutham pApam dhEva thasya praNaSyathu” (Oh lord! Let the sins of my father which were acquired due to his disgust towards me since I worshipped you, be destroyed) – previously, since SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn prayed to emperumAn to forgive his father, emperumAn too forgave him. But now, emperumAn thought “If hiraNya continues to live, it will be bad for him” and hence killed him. amaril – in the battle, for emperumAn who tore the chest of hiraNya who opposed, into pieces [the abode of such emperumAn, is the best hill, thirunIrmalai].

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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